An amplitude weighting of the time signal used with gated continuous signals to give them a slow onset and cut-off in order to reduce the generation of side lobes in their frequency spectrum.

The FFT analyzer does not operate in a continuous manner, but is instead a batch processing device, taking samples of the time domain signal and transforming them into a frequency domain spectrum. The time interval during which the signal is sampled and recorded is called the window. In order to compensate for certain limitations of the FFT process, the time data in the window are often multiplied by a weighting curve, such as a Hanning or Flattop weighting.

Transient analysis

Continuous Signal Analysis

Frequency Response Measurements

See also: Blackman Window, Blackman-Harris Window, Cauchy Window, Discrete Fourier Transform, Exponential Window, Fast Fourier Transform, Flattop Window, Force Window, Hamming Window, Hanning Window, Hanning-Poisson Window, Kaiser Bessel Window, Leakage.

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Subjects: Noise & Vibration Signal Processing