The watt is the SI unit of power and is equal to 1 joule per second.

1 watt=1 J s-1 1 watt=3.414 Btu h-1
1 watt=1.0194x10-4 hp (boiler) 1 watt=0.001359 hp (metric)
1 watt=0.10197 kgf m s-1 1 watt=1.0x107 erg s-1
1 watt=2655.22 ft lb h-1 1 watt=0.239006 cal s-1
1 watt=0.737562 ft lb s-1 1 watt=0.0101972 prony

The watt is named for James Watt, Scottish engineer (1736-1819) and pioneer in steam engine design.

minimum discernible signal at the antenna
terminal of a good FM radio receiver
2.5x10-15 W
average power consumption of a human cell1.0x10-12 W
power consumption of 8-bit PIC chip in "sleep"2.0x10-9 W
approximate consumption of a quartz wristwatch1.0x10-6 W
laser in DVD drive5.0x10-3 W
typical household compact fluorescent light bulb11 W
approximate basal metabolic rate used by the human body100 W
heat output of a domestic electric kettle3x103 W
Family car (100PS)7.4x104 W
rate at which a typical petrol pump transfers chemical energy to a vehicle16x106 W
peak power generation of Hoover Dam2.074x109 W
Sun energy production3.9x1026 W

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