A device for holding material securely whilst being cut, filed or machined in some way.

Bench Vice

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A device attached to a bench with two jaws that can be moved parallel to each other and used to hold a workpiece.

Blacksmith's Leg Vice

Note the long leg that gives added support and transfers some of the forces into the floor.

Mechanics Vice

A workshop tool, firmly mounted at a convenient height for holding and gripping material while working on it.

Swivel Base Vice

A mechanics style vice that has a base that can be swiveled to allow for different working positions.

Universal Vice

A vice designed for holding work at a double or compound angle.

Vice Jaw Caps

Parts that fit over the steel jaws of a vice to protect the work. Often copper, aluminium, plywood or timber.

Vice Jaw Inserts

Replaceable hardened steel inserts for vice jaws.

Woodworking Vice

A vice that is built into a carpenter or joiner′s bench. Optimised for holding timber.

See also: Bench Vice.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering