Vibration Dose Value

Defined as the 4th root of the time integral of the 4th power of the 1-32 Hz filtered acceleration.

the resultant SI unit is ms-7/4.

The vibration dose value is a cumulative time domain function which is particularly effective when the acceleration crest factor is larger than three.

A 16 fold increase in duration requires a halving of the vibration magnitude to maintain the same vibration dose value.

For a continuous vibration that is not varying in magnitude as a function of time and has a crest factor between 3 and 6 an approximation to the VDV may be determined from the estimated vibration dose value (eVDV).


eVDV = estimated vibration dose value [ms-1.75]
arms = root mean-squared value of the frequency weighted vibration [ms-2]
T = duration of the vibration exposure [s]

Note: weightings are applied to the vibration frequency spectra and are normally Wg, Wb or Wd and eVDV should be noted with a subscript as to which weighting has been used eg Wd would result in VDVd


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See also: Human Vibration, Vibration, Vibration Severity.

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