Velocity is a vector quantity that specifies the time rate of change of displacement with respect to a reference frame. If the reference frame is not inertial, the velocity is often designated "relative velocity".

1 mph=1.609 km/h 1 ms-1=3.2808399 fts-1
1 in s-1=0.0254 ms-1 1 ft s-1=0.3048 ms-1
1 km h-1=0.2778 ms-1 1 ft min-1=0.00508 ms-1
1 knot=0.5144 ms-1

1km h-1 = 1 km/h = 1000 m/h = 1000/3600 m/s = 0.2778m/s

Note: if using this type of conversion within a calculation then best to use 1000/3600 in the calculation rather than the value round to 4 decimal points.

Snail0.013 ms-1
Fast walk1.79 ms-1 (4 mph)
Stephenson′s Rocket13.4 ms-1 (30 mph)
Steam train speed record56.3 ms-1 (126 mph)
Fastest boat (Spirit of Australia 1978)141.95 ms-1 (317.6 mph)
Land speed record (Thrust SSC 1997)341.0 ms-1 (763 mph)
Concorde597 ms-1 (1336 mph)
Fastest plane (SR71 BlackBird)980 ms-1 (2193 mph)
Escape velocity at surface of the Moon2.38x103 ms-1
Escape velocity at surface of the Earth1.12x104 ms-1
Escape velocity at surface of the Sun6.18x105 ms-1
Speed of light in vacuo2.998x108 ms-1


We would like to thank Peter W Kruh°ffer for pointing out the error in our conversion table from km h-1 to ms-1

See also: Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Approximate Speed, Displacement, Escape Velocity, Hypervelocity, Instantaneous Speed, Kilometres Per Hour, Length, Miles Per Hour, SI Units, Straight-Line Speed, Velocity Time Profile.

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