Specific Fuel Consumption

The amount of fuel needed to provide a given power for a given period.

Ramjet0.61 kg/kWh
Turbo-prop0.49 kg/kWh
Otto Cycle0.3 kg/kWh
Diesel Cycle0.24 kg/kWh
Otto-Compound engine0.23 kg/kWh
Turbocharged Diesel0.23 kg/kWh
Turbocharged & Intercooled Diesel0.22 kg/kWh
Diesel-Compound engine0.21 kg/kWh

The engine efficiency is the reciprocal of the product of the specific fuel consumption and the lower heating value of the fuel.

Thus where the SFC is given in kg/kWh:

See also: Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, Fuel Consumption, Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption.

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