A tool used to turn a nut and bolt. Wrench is another name for spanner.

Adjustable spanner
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A crescent spanner or pipe wrench. A tool which has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw which is controlled by a spiral gear. This is useful as the one spanner fits many different size nuts and bolts. The adjustable comes in a variety of lengths, jaw types and jaw sizes. A crescent spanner has smooth jaws while a pipe wrench has serrated jaws.

Box spanner
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A hollow tube with a socket at each end and two holes through which a bar can be inserted to turn the tube. The bar is called a T-bar or a tommy bar.

Box wrench
American name for a ring spanner.
Chainring nut spanner
A special bicycle tool used to loosen the slotted nuts that fasten a chainring to a crankarm.

Combination spanner
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A flat spanner with a hex ring at one end and an open end at the other.

A spanner whose end is shaped like a C, used to loosen the lockring on a bottom bracket of a bicycle.

Double-ended spanner
A tool which has a hexagon ring at each end.

Drain plug spanner
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A tool for removing and tightening drain plugs, e.g., on transmissions and engine sumps, either as a multi-purpose tool with a number of different drives in the form of hexagonal or square projections at either end for different drain plugs, or as a special tool for one specific size of drain plug.

Flare nut spanner
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A spanner which looks almost like an open ended spanner except the end curls around the nut further. The opening allows the spanner to slide over a tube or pipe to which a nut is attached, but not directly over the nut. Thus you have to slide it over the pipe first and then bring it up to the nut. The spanner has more faces than an open ended spanner thus giving a better grip.

Girder spanner
An adjustable spanner with jaws at right angles to the handle.

Open ended spanner
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A flat spanner with open jaws at each end.

Pin spanner
A spanner with pins on forked ends, used to turn an adjustable cup on the bottom bracket of a bicycle.

Ring spanner
Each end of the spanner fits around the bolt head or nut. In contrast to an open ended spanner.

Socket wrench
A tool with socket end or a drive tool combined with a socket.

T or Tommy bar
A rod which is inserted into the holes of a box spanner.

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