SEA Coupling Loss Factors

Using the consistency relationship for coupling between any two subsystems, eta1eta12 = eta2eta21.
Plate to Room/Cavity

Room to Plate

Cavity to Plate

Room to Room/Cavity (non resonant)

Cavity to Room

Plate to Plate (line)

Structure to Structure (point)

rho0 = density of air [kgm-3]
rhos = surface density of a plate [kgm-2]
m = total subsystem mass [kg]
c0 = wavespeed in air [ms-1]
cL = longitudinal wavespeed of a structure [ms-1]
fc = coincidence frequency of plate [Hz]
Y = structural mobility
h = thickness [m]
S = surface area [m2]
V = volume [m3]
sigma = radiation efficiency
tau = non-resonant room to room transmission coefficient
gamma = structure transmission coefficient

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Subjects: Noise & Vibration