A lanthanide group element, samarium is a silvery-white metal which is found in the minerals allanite, cerite, gadolinite and its namesake, samarskite. It is relatively stable in dry air but oxidises on contact with moisture. Applications of the metal are limited, but it finds uses in the glass, ceramics and electronics industries and also in the manufacture of permanent magnets (when combined with cobalt).


1879 by P.E. Lecoq and was named after the mineral "Samarskite" which, in turn, was named after the Russian mine official, Colonel V.E. Samarsky.

7.9 ppm of the earth's crust.

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Atomic number 62 Clip
Atomic / Molecular Weight 150.36 gmol-1Clip
Density 7536 kgm-3Clip
Crystal Structure rhomb / bcc at 1190K Clip
Lattice constant 363 fmClip
Melting Point 1323 KClip
Boiling Point 1873 KClip
Specific heat capacity 197 Jkg-1K-1Clip
Thermal conductivity 13 Wm-1K-1Clip
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