Rocket Propellant

Any agent used for consumption or combustion in a rocket and from which the rocket derives its thrust, such as a fuel, oxidizer, additive, catalyst, or any compound or mixture of these.


A rocket fuel consisting essentially of kerosene.

Rubber Base Propellant

A solid propellant mixture in which the oxygen supply is obtained from a perchlorate and the fuel is provided by a synthetic rubber latex.

Solid Propellant

Usually containing both fuel and oxidizer combined or mixed, and formed into a monolithic grain.

Specific Impulse

The thrust F in pounds divided by the weight flow rate in pounds per second.

Star Perforated Grain

A hollow rocket propellant grain with the cross section of the hole having a multipointed shape.


Of a mixture of chemicals, having the exact proportions required for complete chemical combination, applied especially to combustible mixtures used as propellants.

See also: Rocket Engine, Solid Rocket, Specific Impulse.

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Subjects: Aerospace Chemistry

Rocket Propellants - Rocket and Space Technology Descriptions and data comparisons including specific impulse.