Ratio of Specific Heats

The ratio of molar heat capacity at constant pressure to molar heat capacity at constant volume.

γ = ratio of specific heats [dimensionless]
Cpm = molar heat capacity at constant pressure [Jmol-1K-1]
Cvm = molar heat capacity at constant volume [Jmol-1K-1]
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Acetylene 1.26 Clip
Ammonia 1.31 Clip
Argon 1.667 Clip
Butane 1.09 Clip
Carbon Dioxide 1.304 Clip
Carbon Monoxide 1.404 Clip
Chlorine 1.36 Clip
Cyanogen 1.26 Clip
Ethane 1.183 Clip
Ethylene 1.208 to 1.26 Clip
Helium 1.667 Clip
Hydrogen 1.404 Clip
Hydrogen Chloride 1.4 Clip
Hydrogen Sulphide 1.32 Clip
Methane 1.313 Clip
Neon 1.667 Clip
Nitric Oxide 1.394 Clip
Nitrogen 1.4 Clip
Nitrous Oxide 1.303 Clip
Octane 1.044 Clip
Oxygen 1.395 Clip
Propane 1.124 Clip
Sulphur Dioxide 1.26 Clip
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See also: Gas, Heat Capacity.

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Subjects: Thermodynamics