Radio Waves

Electromagnetic radiation in the region of the spectrum greater than 3Hz and smaller than about 3 x 109Hz and wavelengths greater than about 100000km to 100mm. Above 3GHz the Super High Frequency and Extremely High Frequency bands are within the microwave spectrum. At one time radio waves were known as Hertzian Waves.

NameFrequency [Hz]Wavelength [m]Use
Extremely Low Frequency3 to 30100x106 to 10x106 
Super Low Frequency30 to 30010x106 to 106 
Ultra Low Frequency300 to 3000106 to 105 
Very Low Frequency3x103 to 30x103105 to 104Military
Low Frequency30x103 to 300x103104 to 103Navigation and AM longwave broadcast
Medium Frequency300x103 to 3x1061000 to 100AM broadcast
High Frequency3x106 to 30x106100 to 10Amateur radio and shortwave broadcast
Very High Frequency30x106 to 300x10610 to 1FM radio and TV broadcast
Ultra High Frequency300x106 to 3x1091 to 0.1TV broadcast
Super High Frequency3x109 to 30x1090.1 to 0.01Microwave transmission and mobile phones.
Extremely High Frequency30x109 to 300x1090.01 to 0.001 

See also: Frequency, Radio, RF Radiation Hazard, Sky Waves, Space Wave, Subcarrier, Tropospheric Scatter, Tropospheric Wave, Wavelength, Wavemeter, Wave-Meter.

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