Programming Languages

AdaAda is a large, complex, block-structured language aimed primarily at embedded applications. It has facilities for real-time response, concurrency, hardware access and reliable run-time error handling.
AlgolA high-level programming language developed in the 1950s for scientific computations.
Assembler LanguagesA symbolic representation of the machine language of a specific processor. Assembly language is converted to machine code by an assembler.
BASICBeginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code A high-level programming language designed at Dartmouth College as a learning tool.
CA language developed in conjunction with the UNIX operating system at AT&T Bell Laboratories by D. Ritchie and now an ANSI standard. It has grown popular due to its simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility.
C++An extension to the C language developed primarily by B.Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Laboratories. It supports object-oriented programming.
COBOLCOmmon Business Oriented Language A coding system designed to facilitate the digital programming of business-oriented problems.
FORTHStructured as lists of words, a highly subroutine based language.
FortranFORmula TRANslation. Used mainly by the science and engineering community. Gradually being replaced by MATLAB.
JavaObject oriented language designed to work on all platforms. Similar to C++.
LISPLISt Processing. Invented by John McCarthy, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence. The language is ideal for representing knowledge. Suitable for symbolic and logical programming.
MapleA mathematics package developed by the University of Waterloo and ETH Zurich.
MATLABHigh-performance numeric computation language from Mathworks.
Modula-2A high level language based on pascal with well defined interfaces between modules. Designed for writing parallel computation.
OBERONA procedural programming language and an operating environment that evolved from Modula-2.
OpenGLA graphics standard providing advanced rendering capabilities.
PASCALProgram Applique a las Selection et la Compilation Automatique de la Literature. Designed by N.Wirth for teaching purposes, emphasising structured programming constructs, data structures and strong typing.
PerlAn interpreted language optimised for scanning arbitrary text files.
PythonA simple high level programming language.

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