Named after the physicist Poiseuille this is the CGS derived unit of dynamic viscosity of a fluid.

When a force of 1 dyne maintains unit rate of shear of a film of unit thickness between surfaces of unit area dyne sec cm-2

1 poise=0.10 kg m-1s-1 1 poise=0.1 N s m-2
1 poise=0.0020885 lbf s ft-2 1 poise=0.0671969 Poundal s ft-2
1 poise=0.0000145 reyn 1 poise=0.0020885 slugs ft-1s-1
1 poise=100 centipoise 1 poise=1.0 dyne s cm-2
1 centipoise=0.001 pascal seconds [Pa s]

See also: Pascal Second, Reyn, Reynolds Number, Viscosity.

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