The auditory attribute on the basis of which tones may be ordered on a musical scale. Two aspects of the notion of pitch can be distinguished in music: one related to the frequency (or fundamental frequency) of a sound (measured in Hz) which is called pitch height, and the other related to its place in a musical scale which is called pitch chroma.


Inclination or slope, as for roofs or stairs, or the height divided by the span.


Pitching occurs when the boat is running bow into the waves. Each wave first lifts up the bow, passes underneath and drops the bow, then lifts up the stern, passes underneath and drops it.

Gear Design

Pitch is the distance between the teeth on a gear.A fine pitch gear has many small teeth and a coarse pitch gear has fewer, larger teeth. An interesting observation is that thestiffness of a gear tooth is not related to the pitch.


In threading, the number of threads per inch.


On a saw blade, the number of teeth per inch.

Vehicle Dynamics

Rotation of a vehicle about its transverse axis in nosedive or squat.

See also: Absolute Pitch, Gear Design, Pitch - Vehicle Dynamics, Roll, Yaw.

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