The SI derived unit of pressure is the pascal or 1 newton per square metre.

1 bar=1x105 Pa 1 standard atmosphere (atm)=1.01325x105 Pa
1 lbf in-2 (psi)=6894.76 Pa 1 tonf in-2=15.4443x106 Pa
1 torr=1 mmHg 1 mmHg=133.322 Pa
1 inHg=3386.39 Pa 1 inH2O=249.089Pa
1 mmHg=13.5951 mmH2O 1 mmH2O=9.8066 Pa
1 MPa=1.0x106 Pa 1 kPa=1.0x103 Pa

See also: bar, Pascal, Blaise, Pascal′s Law, Pressure.

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