Parsec (pc)

A unit of length equal to the distance from the sun to a point having a heliocentric parallax of 1 second.

1 Parsec (pc) = 3.08567758x1016m 1 Parsec (pc) (lb)= 2.062648x105AU (Astronomical Units)
1 Parsec (pc) = 3.2615638 Light Years 1 Parsec (pc) (lb)= 19.173512x1012 miles

One parsec is the distance at which a star would appear to shift its position by one arcsecond during the time (about 3 months) in which the Earth moves a distance of one astronomical unit (au) in the direction perpendicular to the direction to the star.

The name parsec is derived from the words parallax second.

See also: Astronomical Unit.

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Subjects: Physics