Defined as the resistance of a conductor through which a current of one ampere is flowing when the potential difference across it is one volt.

Ohm's law:
V = potential difference across R
I = current through R [A]
R = resistance [ohm]
Field form of Ohm's law:
J = current density
σ = conductivity
E = electric field
The power disipated by a resistor is given by Joule′s law:
W = power disipated [Watt]
I = current [Ampere]
R = resistance [Ohm]
V = potential difference across resistor [Volt]
Enter two values and the other values will be calculated.
1 mean international ohm = 1.00049 absolute ohm

See also: Abohm, Ohm, Georg Simon, Ohm Metre, Ohmmeter, Ohms per Square, Resistance, Statohm.

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Subjects: Physics