Zobel Network
A type of filter section based on the image impedance design principle.
The band of the sky extending 8 degrees either side of the ecliptic.
Zodiacal Light
A faint cone of light extending upward from the horizon in the direction of the ecliptic (zodiac).
An optical toy with a series of pictures that when rotated give the impression of movement.
Zonal Index
The measure of the strength of the westerly winds of the middle latitudes.
Zonal Wind
Atmospheric wind component which flows along the latitude.
Any group of crystal planes that are all parallel to one line, called the zone axis.
Zone Melting
Highly localized melting, usually by induction heating.
Zone of Avoidance
An irregular zone near the plane of the Milky Way where the absorption due to interstellar dust is so great that no external galaxies can be seen through it.
Zone of Saturation
The layer beneath the surface of the land containing openings that may fill with water.
Zone Refining
A technique used to reduce the level of impurities in certain metals, alloys, semiconductors, and other materials.
Zone System
A photographic system of exposure estimation.
A broad categorisation spanning a range of organism sizes that includes both small protozoans and large metazoans.