A widely used solid-state crystal which is composed of yttrium and aluminium oxides which is doped with a small amount of the rare-earth neodymium.
Yagi Antenna
A directional antenna consisting of a rod pointed in the direction of the transmission/reception and several cross bars.
Yalow, Rosalyn
Co-inventer of radioimmunoassay for which she won the 1977 Nobel Proze in Medicine.
The yard was a unit of length of the British system of units.
Yard of Ale
A traditional Scottish measure of volume that is roughly 2.5 pints and served in a slender, yard-tall glass.
A wooden rule 36" long.
Continuously twisted fibres or strands suitable for use in weaving into fabrics.
The rotation of a body about a vertical axis.
Yaw Angle
The angle, as seen from above, between the longitudinal body axis of an aircraft, rocket, or the like and a chosen reference direction.
Yaw Axis
A vertical axis through an aircraft, rocket, or similar body, about which the body yaws.
Yaw Error
Positioning error resulting from a yaw motion.
Yawing Moment
A moment that tends to rotate an aircraft about a vertical axis.
y axis
The vertical axis in the plane.