An angular error between the actual axis of rotation and the theoretical axis of rotation.
Wobble Frequency
The frequency at which an electron wobbles on its axis under the influence of an external magnetic field of a given strength.
Wolf Number
An historic term for sunspot number.
The old name for Tungsten and from where the chemical symbol W was derived.
Wollaston, William Hyde
English physician and chemist who discovered palladium and rhodium through his work with platinum metals.
A hard substance which forms the branches and trunks of trees and which can be used as a building material, for making things, or as a fuel.
Wood Alcohol
Another name for Methyl Alcohol.
Wood Ether
Alternative name for Dimethyl Ether.
Wood Lathe
A machine tool which spins a block of material to perform various operations to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of rotation.
Wood Plane
Used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of timber.
Wood Screws
The diameter and pilot drill size versus wood screw gauge.
Wood Turning Tools
Metal chisels of robust construction with long wooden handles used for wood turning.
Wooden Mallet
A hammer with a wooden head.
Wooden Plane
Carpentry and joinery hand planes made out of mainly wood.
Woodruff Cutter
Milling cutter used for cutting keyways.
Woods Metal
A fusible bismuth based low melting point alloy. 50 percent bismuth, 25 percent lead, 12.5 percent tin, and 12.5 percent cadmium

Woodward-Hoffmann Rules
Rules governing the formation of products during certain types of organic reactions.
Woodworking Pipe Clamps
Clamp ends that are attached to standard diameter steel pipes.
Woodworking Vice
A vice that is built into a carpenter or joiner′s bench.
Large loudspeaker designed primarily to reproduce low frequency audio signals.
Specifically sheep covering.
An ordered set of bits that is the normal unit in which information may be stored.
Word Clock
The synchronizing signal that indicates the sampling frequency or rate of sample words over a digital audio interface.
Word Length
The number of bits in a word.
Word Rate
Frequency derived from the elapsed period between the beginning of transmission of one word and the beginning of transmission of the next word.
The product of the force along the direction of motion and the distance moved.
Work Function
This is the energy required to remove an electron from the highest filled level in the Fermi distribution of a solid to a point a long way away, at absolute zero.
Work Hardening
Increase dislocation density in metals through straining a material with an applied stress.
A collection of workstations and servers on a LAN that are designated to communicate and exchange data with one another.
Working Drawing
A drawing. blueprint, or sketch of a part, structure, or machine.
Working Electrode
The electrode in a three-electrode cell where the action takes place.
Working Fluid
A fluid used as the medium for the transfer of energy.
Working Level
A unit of measure for documenting exposure to radon decay products.
Working Level Month
A unit of measure used to determine cumulative exposure to radon.
Working Pressure
The pressure at which a system is designed to operate.
Working Stress
The allowable stress considered to be safe in the design of part. It is the ultimate stress of the material divided by a safety factor.
Working Stroke
The piston stroke during which the combustion gases exert a pressure on the moving piston.
Working Voltage
The maximum voltage that a capacitor may operate at without the risk of damage.
World Wide Web
The web consists of many millions of pages of text and images published by anyone and everyone, from governments and large corporations down to the home user.
World Wide Web Consortium
Organisation that produces standards for the world wide web.
The threaded cylinder or shaft designed to mesh with a worm gear.
Worm Gear
A gear with helical teeth made to conform with the thread of the mating worm.
A malicious program introduced into computers by stealth, similar to a virus.
Abbreviation of Wide Open Throttle.
Woulfe Bottle
A bottle with two or more necked orifices that was used in distillation.
Woven Roving
A heavy, coarse fabric produced by the weaving of continuous roving bundles.