The vertical absorption of a liquid into a porous material by capillary forces.
Wide Area Network
A network connecting computers within very large areas, such as states, countries, and the world.
Wide Open Throttle
The throttle of an internal combustion engine is fully open and so demanding maximum power at any given engine speed.
Wideband Amplifier
An amplifier designed to pass an extremely wide band of frequencies, such as a video amplifier.
Wiedemann Effect
The mechanical torsion that occurs when an electric current is passed along or through a long thin ferromagnetic material while it is subjected to an axial magnetic field.
Wiedemann-Franz Law
The ratio of the thermal conductivity of any pure metal to its electrical conductivity is approximately constant for any given temperature.
Wien Displacement Law
The product of the wavelength corresponding to the maximum radiancy and the thermodynamic temperature is a constant.
A website where the users create and edit the content collaboratively.
Wild Type
The normal (non-mutated) phenotype.
A machine, the essential part of which consists of a drum driven by hand or powered through gearing, and used to receive a rope which is wound upon it.
Winchester Gallon
The US gallon, equivalent to 3.785411784 litres.
Air in motion relative to t earth′s surface, caused by the average movement of a large number of molecules of air.
Wind Axis
Any one of a system of mutually perpendicular reference axis established with respect to the undisturbed wind direction about an aircraft or similar body.
Wind Brace
A diagonal structural member whose function is to stabilize a frame against lateral forces.
Wind Chill Index
The calculation of temperature that takes into consideration the effects of wind and temperature on the human body.
Wind Noise
Aerodynamic noise - often referred to as Wind noise, is a major component of passenger compartment noise, which becomes dominant especially at high speed cruising.
Wind Power
Windmills are used in a number of different applications for generating electrical power to pumping water.
Wind Shear
The difference between wind velocity measured at two specific locations divided by the distance between those two positions.
Wind Speed
Normally measured relative to the earth′s surface.
Wind Tunnel
A tunnel with a large fan that is used by engineers to test the effects of high winds on a structure.
Wind Tunnel Balance
A device or apparatus that measures the aerodynamic forces and moments acting upon a body tested in a wind tunnel.
Wind Turbine
A device that converts kinetic energy from the wind, also called wind energy, into mechanical energy; a process known as wind power.
Wind Vane
A sensor used to measure wind direction.
Wind Velocity
A vector quantity that describes wind motion in terms of wind speed and wind direction.
Windage Loss
The power absorbed by the fluid surrounding a rotating body.
A stair tread that is wider at one end than at the other.
Winding Number
The number of times a closed curve in the plane passes around a given point in the counter clockwise direction.
A wheel and axle that allows a load on a cord to be wound up on the axle with a small force applied to the rim of the wheel.
A piece of glass with plane parallel sides which admits light into or through an optical system and excludes dirt and moisture.
An amplitude weighting of the time signal used with gated continuous signals to give them a slow onset and cut-off in order to reduce the generation of side lobes in their frequency spectrum.
A family of operating systems from the Microsoft Corporation, standard on most PCs.
The direction from which the wind is blowing.
A surface that has an airfoil cross-section and is used to generate lift.
Wing Loading
The aircraft mass divided by the wing area.
Wing Nut
A nut with wings that allow it to be tightened and released using fingers.
Wing Warping
The earliest form of roll control was produced by warping the whole wing.
Winter Solstice
That point on the ecliptic occupied by the sum at maximum southerly declination.
A metal strand, normally pliable.
Wire Brush
A brush with metal bristles used to remove loose material from metal surfaces.
Wire Link Telemetry
Telemetry in which no radio link is used.
Wire Stripping Pliers
Pliers with V-shaped cutting jaws and a screw to adjust minimum jaw closing to match wire size.
A set of curves that define a surface or a three-dimensional object. The name derives from the appearance of the diagram.
A communications, monitoring, or control system in which a signal is carried through atmospheric space rather than along a wire.
Wireless Charging
A charging system that has a physical gap between the input and the system that is to be charged.
Wireless Network
Computer network which uses radio transmitters to move information between computers without the need for physical cables.
Wiring Diagram
A diagram that shows the connections of an equipment or its component devices or parts.
Ancient name for Bismuth.
Witch of Agnesi
A curve whose equation is x2y=4a2(2a-y).
Another name for Barium Carbonate.
Withstand Voltage
The specified voltage that can be applied to insulation under specified conditions without causing flashover or puncture to occur.
Witness Mark
A punch mark or scratch used to position or locate some part in its proper spot.