Tyndall Effect
Light passing through a colloid is scattered by suspended particles.
Tyndall John
Studied the diffusion of light by large molecules and dust, known as the Tyndall effect.
Type I Error
Incorrectly rejecting a true null hypothesis. The probability of such an error is the alpha risk.
Type II Error
Not rejecting a false null hypothesis. The probability of such an error is called the beta risk.
Typematic Rate
The rate at which keys repeat when held down.
Typematic Rate Delay
The initial delay before key auto-repeat starts.
The rubber part of the wheel which contacts the ground.
Tyre Aspect Ratio
The ratio of section height to section width multiplied by 100.
Tyre Bead
That portion of the tire that bears against the rim flange.
Tyre Envelope
The surface that fully encloses the tyre in all positions that it can occupy at full jounce and rebound, from extreme left to extreme right turn.
Tyre Gauge
An instrument for determining the pressure in a tube or tyre.
Tyre Noise
The noise generated by the interaction of a tyre with the road surface as it rolls over it. This noise may result in vehicle exterior noise or in interior noise. In the case of interior noise it is often referred to as Road Noise.
Tyre Pressure
The recommended pressure that the tyre should be run at.
Tyre Pressure Gauge
An instrument for measuring air pressure in a tyre.
Tyre Rolling Circumference
The effective circumference of a tyre loaded against a surface.
Tyre Rolling Radius
The effective radius of a tyre loaded against a surface.
Tyre Speed Rating
The maximum speed the tyre can be run at.
Tyre Squeal
The noise made by the tyres when experiencing sudden acceleration or braking or when cornering too fast.
Tyre Tread Pattern
The design cut into a tyre surface to improve grip, particularly in wet conditions.
Tyrian Dye
A purple dye derived from animal juice in the shell-fish murex.