Tube Cutter
A device designed to cut tubes with a rotating action and a blade that is gradually tightened onto the tube.
Tube Sheet
The portion of a heat exchanger or boiler in to which the tubes are rolled or secured.
Tubeless Tyre
A tyre which does not have a separate tube.
A protective crust of corrosion products which builds up over a pit caused by the loss of metal due to corrosion.
A corrosion process that produces hard knob-like mounds of corrosive products on metal surfaces, increasing friction and reducing flow in a water distribution system.
Style of English architecture prevalent during the reigns of the Tudors 1485 to 1558.
Alternative name for Molybdenum IV Oxide.
An alloy composed mostly of gold and copper that has a significantly lower melting point than gold or copper alone.

To rotate end over end.
Tumbler Gears
A pair of small lever-mounted gears on a lathe used to engage or to change the direction of the lead screw.
Cleaning articles by rotating them in a cylinder with cleaning materials.
Tunable Dye Laser
A laser whose active medium is a liquid dye, pumped by another laser or flashlamps, to produce various colours of light.
Tunable Laser
A laser system that can be tuned to emit laser light over a continuous range of wavelengths or frequencies.
Tuned Absorber
A dynamic vibration absorber is an auxiliary mass-spring system which tends to neutralise vibration of a structure to which it is attached.
Tuned Circuit
A circuit consisting of inductance and capacitance that can be adjusted for resonance at a desired frequency.
Tuned Line
A transmission line that has standing waves of current and voltage.
Tuned Mass Damper
Another name for a Dynamic Vibration Absorber.
A metallic element that is lustrous and silvery white in colour, and does not occur naturally.
Tungsten Carbide
Strong alloy often used in grinding and polishing.
Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
Filler rod is fed by hand, independent of the non-consumable tungsten electrode. Argon is used to shield the weld from oxygen in the air.
Optimizing loop gains to achieve the desired response from a stage or mechanism from an input command.
Tuning Fork
A small two-pronged steel instrument which when struck produces a fixed tone.
An underground passageway.
Tunnel Boring Machine
A mechanical device that tunnels through the ground.
Tunnel Diode
Heavily doped junction diode that has negative resistance in the forward direction of its operating range.
Tunnel Shield
A cylinder pushed ahead of tunneling equipment to provide advance support for the tunnel roof; used when tunneling in soft or unstable ground.
The degree of clearness of a liquid or the lack of visual clarity of a liquid.
A type of engine.
Turbine Blade
Any one of the blades of a turbine wheel.
Turbine Wheel
A multivaned wheel or rotor, especially in a gas-turbine engine, rotated by the impulse from or reaction to a fluid passing across the vanes.
Turbo Lag
The delay between opening the throttle and a turbo producing boost.
A supercharger powered by an exhaust-driven turbine.
Gas turbine engine with large diameter forward fan.
An air-breathing engine consisting of a turbofan engine mounted within a ramjet duct.
Gas turbine engine in its simplest form, producing a high velocity jet efflux.
Gas turbine engine in which maximum energy is taken from the turbine to drive a reduction gear and conventional propeller.
Gas turbine engine in which maximum energy is taken from the turbine to drive a high speed shaft. It can be used to drive a helicopter′s rotor or any other form of machinery.
Describes fluid motion disturbed from its average behaviour by random fluctuations over a range of temporal and spatial scales.
Turbulent Boundary Layer
Within this layer the Reynolds stresses are much larger than the viscous stresses.
Turbulent Flow
Fluid motion in which random motions of parts of the fluid are superimposed upon a simple pattern of flow.
Turbulent Flow Sampler
A sampler that contains a flow path in which turbulence is induced in the main stream by abruptly changing the direction of the fluid.
Turing, Alan
A British mathematician, inventor of the Turing Machine and proposed the Turing test, whose work was fundamental in the theoretical foundations of computer science.
One complete loop of a conductor about a core.
Turn Error
Any error in gyro output due to cross-coupling and acceleration encountered during vehicle turns.
Turnbull′s Blue
Turnbull′s Blue is a pigment produced by the action of a ferrous salt on potassium ferri-cyanide.
Turner Gauge
A device used to measure the actual scale-thickness in boiler tubes.
A workpiece is held in a chuck, mounted on a face plate or secured between centres and rotated while a cutting tool, normally a single-point tool, is fed into it along its periphery or across its end or face.
Turning Circle
The diameter of the circular path created by the wheel furthest from the center of the turn.
Turnover Frequency
Also known as Nyquist Frequency.
Turnover Number
The number of times an enzyme molecule transforms a substrate molecule per second.
Turns Ratio
The ratio of the number of turns in the primary winding to the number of turns in the secondary winding of a transformer.
Turnstile Antenna
A type of antenna used in VHF communications that is omnidirectional and consists of two horizontal half-wave antennas mounted at right angles to each other in the horizontal plane.
A solvent for lacquers and polishes obtained by the steam distillation of rosin.
A small tower, usually starting at some distance from the ground, attached to a building such as a castle or fortress.
Turret Lathe
Differs from engine lathe in that the normal compound rest is replaced by pivoting, multitool turrets mounted on the cross slide and tailstock.
Tuscan Order
A Roman order resembling the Doric without a fluted shaft.
An old name for oxygen.
A nozzle or vent in the firepot of a forge. The air from the bellows or blower is forced through the tuyere.