Abbreviation of the unit of energy Tonne of Oil Equivalent.
Setting the front wheels to toe in will mean that when driven the wheels will tend to be aligned.
Setting the front wheels of a front wheel drive car to toe out will mean that when driven the wheels will tend to be aligned.
Toeplitz Matrix
A matrix in which all the elements are the same along any diagonal that slopes from northwest to southeast.
A word meaning to reverse or complement the state of something.
Toggle Clamps
Hand operated lever clamps which can quickly apply pressure and just as easily release it.
The leading magnetic confinement fusion concept named after a Russian word for toroidally (or doughnut) shaped magnetic field.
Token Ring
A data communication protocol developed by IBM in which computers access the network through token-passing.
The maximum permissible deviation from the specified quantity.
Also known as methylbenzene or toluol it is used as a solvent and as an intermediate for its derivatives.
Also known as toluene.
A brass alloy 88% copper and 12% zinc.

Tommy Bar
A rod which is inserted into the holes of a box spanner.
Mathematical techniques for reconstructing three dimensional volumes from the integrated projections along rays.
A derived unit of mass in the British system of units, 1 ton = 2240 lb
Ton Force
1 ton-force = 9964.02 N
Ton Refrigeration Unit
Unit which removes same amount of heat in 24 hours as melting of 1 ton of ice.
Tonal Colour
These can be partially quantified using the metrics sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength, tonality and pitch.
Tone-to-noise ratio, which is determined from the ratio of the sound pressure level of the tone to the sound pressure level of the noise in the critical band centred at the frequency of the tone but without the tone itself.
A sound of definite pitch. A pure tone has a sinusoidal wave form.
Tone Burst
A short signal used in acoustical measurements to make possible differentiating desired signals from spurious reflections.
Tone Terminal Set
Equipment that converts TTY dc pulses into audio tones for modulation of a transmitter in audio-frequency-tone shift transmissions.
Abbreviation for ton force, 1 tonf=9964.02 N.
tonf in-2
Abbreviation of Tons per Square Inch.
Tongue and Groove
A joinery method where a board has a protruding tongue on one edge and a groove on the other, the tongue of one board fits into the groove of the next.
A derived SI Unit of mass. Through common usage the 1000kg has been named the Tonne.
Tonne of Coal Equivalent
A unit of energy equivalent to 29.308 gigajoules.
Tonne of Oil Equivalent
A unit of energy equal to 41.868 GJ
Tons per Square Inch
Old imperial unit of pressure, abbreviated as Tsi or tonf in-2.
Tool Holder
Secures a cutting tool during a machining operation.
Tool Steel
Any steel used o make tools for cutting, forming, or otherwise shaping a material into a final part.
A box design to protect and allow a set of tools to be carried around.
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Tools Weblinks
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Toothed Belt Drive
The toothed belt is very efficient and does not allow any slip.
The flavor of the sixth quark.
Top Coat
A final paint coat.
Top Dead Centre
The position of the crank when the piston is in its farthest position from the crankshaft.
Top Hat Antenna
An antenna that is centre-fed and capacitively loaded.
Top Quark
The sixth flavor of quark, in order of increasing mass, with electric charge +2/3.
The configuration of a surface, including its relief and the position of its natural and man-made features.
Topological Space
Every point has a collection of neighbourhoods to which it belongs.
The vertical component of precession or wander, or the algebraic sum of the two.
Toppler Axis
That horizontal axis, perpendicular to the spin axis of a gyroscope, around which topple occurs.
Torch Brazing
Bonding is produced by heating with a gas flame and by using a nonferrous filler metal having a melting point above 427C.
Torch Igniter Module
A self-igniting flame device used to ignite a fuel-air mixture.
Torino Number
An arbitrary scale to express the likelihood that an asteroid or comet might collide with the Earth causing damage.
Having the specific geometrical shape of a torus.
The torque or turning moment acting on a body is defined as the product of the magnitude of the force and the perpendicular distance of the line of action of the force from the axis about which the body is being rotated.
Torque Converter
A fluid coupling used in automatic transmissions to transmit power from the engine to the wheels.
Torque Converter Lock-up Clutch
An automatically engaged clutch in a lock-up torque converter which prevents slipping losses.
Torque Curve
A graph which shows the engine torque as a function of machine speed.
Torque Differential Receiver
A type of differential synchro that takes two electrical inputs, one to the rotor and one to the stator, and produces a mechanical output.
Torque Multiplier
A gearbox used to increase the torque produced by a small hand wrench.
Torque Steer
A tendency for a car to turn in a particular direction when power is applied.
Torque to Power
Calculate power in PS given a torque in Nm at a given speed.
Torque Wrench
A manual wrench which incorporates a gauge or other method to indicate the amount of torque transferred to the nut or bolt.
A unit of pressure equal to 1mmHg.
An action that twists a material.
Torsion Bar
A type of spring that twists as it is compressed or stretched.
Torsion Test
Method for determining behavior of materials subjected to twisting loads.
Torsional Deformation
Angular displacement of specimen caused by a specified torque in torsion test.
Torsional Modulus of Elasticity
Modulus of elasticity of material subjected to twist loading.
Torsional Strain
Strain corresponding to a specified torque in the torsion test.
Torsional Strength
Measure of the ability of a material to withstand a twisting load.
Torsional Stress
Shear stress developed in a material subjected to a specified torque in torsion test.
Torsional Vibration
Vibration involving twisting or rotation of a component or structure about one of its axes.
A geometric solid in the shape of a doughnut.
The overall sum of numbers or a quantity.
Total Dynamic Head
Dynamic discharge head plus dynamic suction lift, or dynamic discharge head minus dynamic suction head.
Total Harmonic Distortion
The RMS value of the distortion appearing at multiples of the input frequency to the RMS value of the input sine wave.
Total Hydrocarbons
All of the hydrocarbon emissions from an internal combustion engine.
Total Impulse
The integral of the thrust over an interval of time.
Total Indicated Reading
The full indicator reading observed when a dial indicator is in contact with the part surface during one full revolution of the part about its axis of rotation.
Total Indicator Runout
The full indicator reading observed when a dial indicator is in contact with the part surface during one full revolution of the part about its axis of rotation.
Total Internal Reflection
When light is traveling from a material with a higher index of refraction into one with a lower index of refraction, if the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle, the light is totally reflected.
Total Pressure
Another name for Dynamic Pressure.
A pressure-sensitive pad which replaces the mouse on most laptop computers.
A touchstone is a device for roughly ascertaining the purity of gold alloys.
Ability of a metal to absorb energy and deform plastically before fracturing.
An untwisted bundle of continuous filaments.
Towering Cumulus
Another name for cumulus congestus.
Toxic Emission
Any pollutant emitted from a source that can negatively affect human health or the environment.
Toxic Substance
A generic term referring to a harmful substance or group of substances.
Toxic Vapours
Vapors emitted by a substance that can do bodily harm.
The study of poisons, including identification, isolation, biological effects, mechanism of action, and development of antidotes.
Proteins produced by some organisms and toxic to some other species.
Symbol for the troy ounce.