Swamp Cooler
Evaporative type cooler in which air is drawn through porous mats soaked with water.
Swamping Electrolyte
Another name for Supporting Electrolyte.
Swamping Resistor
A resistor used to increase or broaden the bandwidth of a circuit.
The cuttings, and grinding fines that result from metal working operations.
Swart′s Reagent
Alternative name for Antimony Trifluoride.
Swept Wing
Wing of which the angle between the wing leading-edge and the centre line of the rear fuselage is less than 90°.
A numbering system for standard wire diameters.
Swing Bridge
The deck that rotates around a centre point.
Swing By
A particular manoeuvre that exploits the gravitational force of a moon or a planet to modify the trajectory of a spacecraft and to boost it into space.
Swing Check Valve
A check valve in which the closure element is a hinged clapper which swings or rotates about a supporting shaft.
Swing Clear Hinge
Interior door hinge that allows the door to open completely clear of the door opening so that large equipment may pass through the opening of the door.
Swing Wing
More formally known as a Variable Geometry Wing.
Swinging Choke
A filter inductor employed for voltage-regulation purposes in power supplies.
Swirl Combustion
The swirl is used to reduce particulate emissions.
Mechanical switches are used to permit or interrupt the flow of current in a circuit.
The combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.
Switching Time
The time required for the output of a switch to attain 90 percent of its steady-state level referenced to the 50 percent level of the command signal.
Swivel Base Vice
A mechanics style vice that has a base that can be swiveled to allow for different working positions.
Abbreviation of Standing Wave Ratio.