Samarium relatively stable element in dry air but oxidises on contact with moisture.
Small Circle
The circle formed by the intersection of a sphere and a plane that doesn't contain the centre of the sphere.
Small Computer Serial Interface
An interface controller that allows several peripherals to be connected to the same port on a computer.
Smartmedia Flash Memory Card
Flash memory storage used in digital cameras.
Human can detect around 1 trillion different smells.
A visible haze caused primarily by particulate matter and ozone.
Smoke Damper
A damper or adjustable louver designed to augment the ventilation of a space during a fire.
Smoke Developed
Measure of smoke density developed by a material when compared with red oak, which has a smoke density index of 100 in accordance with ASTM E 84.
An enclosed space at the extremity of a fire-tube boiler, where the exhaust gases from the tubes are combined together and pass to the flue or chimney.
Smooth Plane
A general purpose wood plane, often used after the jack plane for final polishing.
Smoothing techniques are used to reduce irregularities in time series data.
Abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.