Slant Range
The direct line-of-sight distance between two objects not necessarily at the same altitude.
Slap Back
A discrete acoustic reflection from a nearby surface.
Fine grained metamorphic rock with strong cleavage planes.
A networked device that is controlled by another device. Slave devices do not initiate data transmission. They respond to commands or requests initiated by a master device.
Sledge Hammer
A large, heavy hammer usually with a long handle.
Sleeve Bearing
A journal bearing, usually a full journal bearing.
Sleeve Valve Engine
In the sleeve valve engine the conventional valve train was replaced by a ported cylinder liner that was then rotated to align with ports in the block so as to achieve the timing for the intake and exhaust strokes for the four-stroke cycle.
Slew Rate
The term used to define the maximum rate of change of an amplifier's output voltage with respect to its input voltage.
Slick Tyre
A tyre that has no tread on it′s surface.
Slide Bearing
A bearing used or positioning a slide or for axial alignment of a long rotating shaft.
Slide Hammer
A tool with a long round shaft on which a hammer weight slides.
Slide Rule
A calculating device consisting of two sliding logarithmic scales.
Sliding Friction
The frictional force between two surfaces in relative motion.
Equal to 12 slugs, an old unit of mass.
The difference between rotor speed and synchronous speed in an ac induction motor.
Slip Angle
The difference as an angle between the direction a tyre is travelling in and the direction the wheel is pointing.
Slip Rings
Devices for making electric connections between stationary and rotating contacts.
Slip the Clutch
To operate the clutch so that it partially disengages, as when keeping up the revs when driving off; causes wear on the clutch.
Slipper Pistons
Pistons with skirts with material removed, to reduce friction while maintaining strength.
The measure of the tilt of a line, the rise over run or how much the line moves up for every movement to the right.
Slope of a Linear Function
The slope of the line y = mx + b is the rate at which y is changing per unit of change in x.
A narrow aperture.
Slot Drill
A cutting tool that is used in a milling machine. It can be plunged into the material and then moved to form a slot.
Slow Charge
Charging at a rate of about 5-10% of a battery′s rated capacity.
A deposit, principally composed of insoluble resins and oxidation products from fuel combustion and the lubricant, that does not drain from engine parts but can be removed by wiping with a cloth.
An old unit of mass. 1 slug = 14.5939 kg
Unresponsive, functioning at below normal rate or level.
A liquid that has a very high level of suspended solids.
Slush Hydrogen
A mixture of liquid and frozen hydrogen that is denser than liquid hydrogen.
Slush Oxygen
A mixture of liquid and frozen oxygen that is denser than liquid oxygen.