sh cwt
Abbreviation of Short Hundredweight.
Darkness in a region, caused by an obstruction between the source of light and the region.
A picture or image in which steep density gradients in the flow about a body are made visible.
On which something rotates.
Shaft Horse Power
The power delivered to the output shaft of an engine.
Shaft Seal
Device used to prevent leakage between shaft and housing.
Shake can be described as unpleasant vibration perceived in the vehicle.
Shake Table Test
A laboratory test for vibration tolerance, in which the device to be tested is placed on a vibrator.
An electromagnetic device capable of imparting known vibratory acceleration to a given object.
That part of a tool or similar object which connects the principal operating part to the handle, socket, or chuck by which it is held or moved.
Shannon, Claude
American mathematician and physicist who is credited as the father of information theory.
Shaping Circuit
A circuit that alters the shapes of input waveforms.
Shapiro-Wilks Test
A test to determine whether or not a sample comes from a normal distribution.
Sharp Cutoff Tube
An electron tube that has evenly spaced grid wires.
Sharpening Stone
A flat blade used for sharpening blades of hand tools.
Sharpness (in acum) is defined as the ratio of high frequency level to overall level.
A force that causes parts of a material to slide past one another in opposite directions.
Shear Mode
Mode of vibration in which the cross sections of a structure undergo translation with very little rotation.
Shear Modulus
The shear modulus is related to the Young's modulus and Poisson′'s ratio.
Shear Strain
Strain measuring the intensity of racking in the material.
Shear Strength
Maximum shear stress that can be sustained by a material before rupture.
Shear Stress
Stress in the cross-sectional plane of a material that is in the same plane as the shearing force acting on it.
Shear Walls
Solid concrete walls that resist shear forces; often used in buildings constructed in earthquake zones.
Shear Wave
The axis of vibration is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave.
A unit of nuclear cross-section.
Sheet Steel
Either hot or cold rolled sheets produced on continuous sheet mill.
Shelf Life
The period of time that a part or system may be stored and still be useful.
A surface made of thin material.
Shell Radiated Noise
Noise radiated from the shell of an object that is vibrating, eg an exhaust silencer can.
A coating made from purified lac dissolved in alcohol, often bleached white.

Where the electrons generally stay.
Abbreviation of Super High Frequency.
Shield Volcano
A gently sloping volcano in the shape of a flattened dome and built almost exclusively of gentle lava flows.
Shielded Pair
A line consisting of parallel conductors separated from each other and surrounded by a solid dielectric.
Technique designed to minimize internal and external interference.
A thin sheet of metal or other material which is inserted between two machine parts to obtain their correct relative location.
Shim Machine
The machine whose position is changed during shaft alignment.
A small thin piece of building material often with one end thicker than the other for lying in overlapping rows as a covering for the roof or sides of a building or structure.
Complex systems such as vehicles may be held in certain states for shipping.
A term describing the motion which occurs when a vibrating structure is displaced and experiences a restoring force proportional to its displacement.
Shock Absorber
A unit that adds damping to the relative motion of two parts.
Shock Tunnel
A hypervelocity wind tunnel.
Shock Wave
The characteristic cone-shaped wave front that is produced whenever an object travels faster than the speed of the waves in the surrounding medium.
Shooting Star
Another name for a meteor.
Shore Durometer
Durometer is typically used as a measure of hardness in polymers, elastomers and rubbers.
Shore Hardness
A hardness measure determined by a Shore durometer.
Short Circuited Line
A transmission line that has a terminating impedance equal to 0.
Short haul Modems
Asynchronous devices using two unconditioned twisted cables for communications.
Short Hundredweight
Old imperial unit of weight, equal to 100lb.
Short Ream
A quantity of paper equal to 480 sheets.
Short Ton
A common name for the U.S. ton equal to 2000 pounds.
An un-intended path that conducts electricity.
A word or shortword is 16 bits.
Shot Blasting
Cleaning surface of metal by air blast, using metal shot as an abrasive.
Shot Peening
Similar to sandblasting, except that it operates by the mechanism of plasticity rather than abrasion.
Shoulder Plane
A hand plane related to and similar to a rebate plane but with a low cutting blade angle mainly used for planing end the grain of shoulder joints in tennons.
A tool with broad blade or scoop for digging and moving material.
Abbreviation of Shaft Horse Power.
Shrinking Hammer
A special hammer with faces shaped to allow for correction of locally stretched sheet metal.
Mechanism of shudder is known to be strong dynamic interaction between the engine modes and the body structure.
This generally means parallel connection.
Shunt Diode Detector
A diode detector in which the diode is in parallel with the input voltage and the load impedance.
Shunt Fed Oscillator
An oscillator that receives its dc power for the transistor or tube through a path both separate from and parallel to the tank circuit.
Shunt Peaking
A technique used to improve high frequency response in which a peaking coil is placed in parallel with the output signal path.
Shunt Resistor
A resistor in parallel. In an ammeter, shunt resistors are used to provide multiple ranges.
Shunt Voltage Regulator
A regulator whose regulating device is in parallel with the load resistance.
Shunt Wound Motor and Generator
Machines in which the armature and field windings are connected in parallel with each other.
The transient response of the body to changes in the engine mean torque transmitted to the road wheel by the driveshafts.
A device for controlling the amount of time a light-sensitive medium is exposed to light.