Scandium is a soft, silvery white metal.
Any quantity that has only magnitude as opposed to both magnitude and direction.
Scalar Product
The scalar or dot product of two vectors is obtained by adding the products of the respective components of the vectors.
Scale Effect
Any variation in the nature of the flow and in the force coefficients associated with a change in value of the Reynolds number.
Scalene Triangle
A triangle in which no two sides are of equal length.
The process of drawing a figure either enlarged or reduced in size from its original size.
A soft, silvery white metal.
Scanning Electron Microscope
A type of electron microscope that images a sample by scanning it with a high-energy beam of electrons in a raster scan pattern.
Scarf Joint
A joint that is formed by cutting opposing tapered ends on each member which are then fitted together.
SCART Connector
French-originated standard and associated 21-pin connector for connecting audio-visual equipment together.
Scatter Plot
A graphical representation of the distribution of two random variables as a set of points whose coordinates represent their observed paired values.
The irregular diffraction and reflection of waves in many directions.
An optical technique that detects density gradients occurring in a fluid flow.
Schmitt Trigger
A building block in which the input must be taken to about 70% of rail voltage before the output will change.
Schneider Index
A composite weighted index of pulse and blood-pressure response to exercise, utilized as a test of physical efficiency.
Schnuerle Ports
The inlet ports are placed on both sides of the exhaust ports so that the incoming air enters in two streams uniting on the cylinder wall opposite the exhaust ports.
Schottky Diode
A diode using an aluminium-silicon junction in which carrier storage is negligible, leading to very fast on and off states and thus very fast switching speeds. The foward voltages is 0.3v.
Schrodinger Equation
The basic equation of quantum mechanics.
Schrödinger, Erwin
Austrian physicist; developed atomic theory of wave mechanics.
Schuler Pendulum
A hypothetical pendulum with a period of 84 minutes.
Schuler Tuning
Adjusting a system performing the function of a pendulum so that is has a period of 84 minutes.
Schwarzschild Black Hole
A nonrotating, spherical black hole that has no electric charge.
Scientific Method
An inefficient but highly successful method of knowledge construction based on experimental testing of hypotheses.
Scientific Notation
Numbers entered as a number from one to ten multiplied by a power of ten.
A list of famous scientists and engineers.
Scintillation Counter
A scintillation counter consists of a material that emits light when radiation passes through it.
Twenty pieces of something.
Distress marks on sliding metallic surfaces in the form of long, distinct scratches in the direction of motion.
Abbreviation of Silicon Controlled Rectifier.
A supersonic combustion ramjet air-breathing engine in which air flows through the combustion chamber at supersonic speeds.
A hardened steel hand tool used to scrape surfaces very smooth by removing minute amounts of metal.
A helical projection of uniform section on the internal or external surface of cylinder or cone.
Screw Pump
Compressor constructed of two mated revolving screws.
Screw Thread
A ridge of constant section which is manufactured so that a helix is developed on the internal or external surface of a cylinder.
A tool that locates on the head of a screw and allows a torque to be applied to turn it.
A steel rod 8 to 12 inches long and about 3/16 inches in diameter. It has a long, slender, hardened steel point on one or both ends.
Air pollution control devices that can be used to remove some particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams.
Scrubbing Liquid
A liquid used to remove particulate or gaseous pollutants by absorption or chemical reaction through contact with the gas stream.
An old unit of weight.
Abbreviation of Small Computer Serial Interface.
Abnormal wear due to localized welding and fracture. It can be prevented through the use of antiwear, extreme-pressure and friction modifier additives.
Scuffing Particles
Large twisted and discolored metallic particles resulting from adhesive wear due to complete lubricant film breakdown.
Scum Valve
A blow-down valve mounted at the water-level of a boiler, used to blow-down lighter oily or foamy deposits within a boiler that float on the water-level.