Oval Window
A tiny membranous window on the cochlea to which the foot plate of the stirrup ossicle is attached.
Over Current Device
A device such as a fuse or a circuit breaker designed to protect a circuit against excessive current by opening the circuit.
Over Discharge
To discharge a battery cell to a voltage below its end-point voltage.
Overall RMS Level
A measure of the total RMS magnitude within a specified frequency range.
The amount of sky cover for a cloud layer that is 8/8ths, based on the summation layer amount for that layer.
Discharge past the point where the full capacity of the cell has been obtained.
The degree of coupling beyond the critical point in resonant circuits which produces a dip at the resonant-frequency point on the response curve.
A transmission ratio below 1:1.
When the input signal amplitude is increased to the point that the transistor goes into saturation and cutoff.
Overhang Beam
A beam that is supported by two or more supports and has one or both ends projecting beyond the support.
Overhead Cam
A camshaft used for operating both valves and unit injectors, located on top of or within the cylinder head.
Overhead Valve
The camshaft is within the cylinder block and uses pushrods to actuate rocker arms above the cylinder head to actuate the valves.
Overhung Load
The load exerted perpendicular to the shaft when a sprocket, pulley or gear is mounted on the shaft.
Overlap Processing
Overlap processing is desirable when using a Hanning Window because it ensures against loss of data for parts of the signal that occur near the beginning and end of the window.
Overload Rating
The load in excess of the nominal rating the device can carry for a specified length of time without being damaged.
A condition that exists when the peaks of the modulating signal are limited.
Often used to describe the condition where rotating machinery is in a coast down condition.
Sampling at a rate higher than the sampling Nyquist theorem.
Overspeed Protection
A system that operates at a given machine speed to reduce the chance of damage which may occur at a higher speed.
The tendency of a vehicle to turn more than the apparent steering angle.
Application of high fluctuating loads at the beginning of a fatigue test and lower loads toward the end.
A harmonic frequency related to the fundamental.
An unfertilized gamete, the female sex cell.