Ounce Force
A derived unit of force in the British system of units.
Ounce per Gallon
A traditional unit of mass concentration.
A secondary unit in the British system of units. 1 ounce (oz) = 28.34952 g
Out of Phase
The offset in time of two related signals.
Any one of the possible results of an experiment.
Outcome Space
Another name for Sample Space.
Outer Dead Centre
Also known as bottom dead centre.
The side of a power tool where the board exits.
Gaseous emission or de-aeration of a material.
A data value which is unusual with respect to the group of data in which it is found.
The number or value that comes out from a process.
Output Impedance
The impedance that is presented to the load by the transmission line and its source.
Outside Caliper
An instrument used to measure the outer dimension of an object.
Outside Diameter
A dimension commonly used to specify the size of a cylindrical bar or pipe.