of the order of
Used when estimating a quantity and means that it is roughly equal to.
Off Centre
Not centred; offset, eccentric, or inaccurate.
Off Frequency Rejection
The amount of attenuation to a signal at a frequency other than the tuned frequency as a result of the selectivity characteristic of the receiver and the power-versus-frequency characteristic of the signal.
Off Line Test Equipment
Equipment that tests and isolates faults in modules or assemblies removed from systems.
Office Noise Index
This is based on the same principle of LNP, with the difference that background noise replaces equivalent sound pressure level and a factor of 2.4 affects the ?uctuation level in order to maximize the correlation with the percentage of dissatis?ed subjects.
Offset Binary Coding
For bipolar signals, offset binary is a digital coding scheme in which the most negative value is represented by all zeros (00000000) and the most positive value is represented by all ones (11111111).
Offset Error
If you get a reading other than zero for a zero condition then you have an offset error.
Offset Yield Strength
Arbitrary approximation of elastic limit.