Abbreviation of mile.
Abbreviation of mebibyte, equal to two to the power of twenty bytes.
A group of silicates with similar chemical composition. Used as an electrical insulator.
An aggregate of amphipathic molecules in water, with the nonpolar portions in the interior and the polar portions at the exterior surface, exposed to water.
Michelson, Albert Abraham
Invented the interferometer and was the first American to win a Nobel Prize.
Prefix representing a multiplication of 10-6
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
A technology dealing with building mechanical structures on silicon wafers using integrated circuit processing techniques.
Micro Hybrid Vehicle
Also known as a simple engine stop-start system as the main advantage is stopping the engine when the vehicle is stationary and then restarting the engine before pulling away.
One millionth of an ampere.
A unit of pressure equal to one millionth of a bar.
Microscopic bends and bumps in the fibre which cause loss of light by scattering.
A small circuit having high equivalent-circuit-element density.
One integrated circuit or a collection of integrated circuits including a microprocessor that make a computer.
The solid-state concept of electronics in which compact semiconductor materials are designed to function as an entire circuit or subassembly rather than as circuit components.
The condition of near weightlessness induced by free-fall or unpowered space flight. It also refers to the scientific discipline concerned with the evaluation of the processes in a near-zero gravity environment, particularly those of fluid physics, life, and material sciences.
The hardness of microscopic areas or of the individual microconstituents in a metal.
A satellite telemetry system which uses phase-lock techniques in the ground receiving equipment to achieve extreme sensitivity.
A very small meteorite or meteoritic particle with a diameter in general less than a millimeter.
The detailed study of the weather at a specific location.
An instrument used to measure the size of a body.
One-millionth of a metre.
A derived SI Unit of length equal to 10-6m
An acoustical-electrical transducer by which sound waves in air may be converted to electrical signals.
A pore of diameter less than about 2 nm.
The single integrated circuit or the portion of a single-chip microcomputer that implements the processor and control unit of a microcomputer.
An instrument to see objects too small for the naked eye.
Refers to objects that are too small for the unaided eye to see.
The investigation of microstructural elements using some type of microscope.
One-millionth of a second.
Small discharges sometimes experienced when touching a metal object in an electric field, similar to touching a door knob after walking across a nylon carpet.
Each arrangement of the ensemble; every possible arrangement of the atoms or molecules in the system.
The structural features of an alloy that are subject to observation under a microscope.
Microvoid Coalescence
Occurs due to the nucleation of microvoids, followed by their growth and eventual coalescence.
One millionth of a volt.
Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Emission of energy stored in a molecular or atomic system by a microwave power supply is stimulated by the input signal.
Electromagnetic waves longer than infra-red but shorter than radio.
Middle Ear
The cavity between the eardrum and the cochlea housing the ossicles connecting the eardrum to the oval window of the cochlea.
The point M is the midpoint of line segment AB if AM=MB. That is, M is halfway between A and B.
Mid-Wing Monoplane
An aircraft which has its single wing mounted in a mid-position on the fuselage.
Mie Potential
Electrical potential
Mie Scattering
Any scattering produced by spherical particles without special regard to comparative size of radiation wavelength and particle diameter.
MIG Welding
Abbreviation of Metal Inert Gas Welding.
One thousandth (0.001) of an inch.
Milankovich Theory
Theory by which ice ages were caused by slow changes of the motion of the Earth in space.
Mild Hybrid Vehicle
An electric motor allows some overrun energy to be absorbed and to stop-start the engine when the vehicle is stationary.
Mild Steel
A term used for low-carbon machine steel.

A unit of distance most commonly used in Britain and the US.
mile per gallon
Fuel consumption.
Miles Per Gallon Equivalent
Energy content equivalent to that of a gallon of gasoline.
Miles Per Hour
Traditional British unit of velocity used by land based vehicles.
Opaque white liquid secreted by female mammals for feeding young.
Milk Acid
Another name for Lactic Acid.
Milk of Magnesia
Alternative name for Magnesium Hydroxide.
A milling machine. Also, the act of performing an operation on the milling machine.
Mill Edge
The edge of strip, sheet or plate in the as rolled state.
Mill Finish
A surface finish produced on sheet and plate. Characteristic of the ground finish used on the rolls in fabrication.
Mill, John Stuart
An English philosopher who elaborated on the philosophy of induction, propounding as its basis the law of the uniformity of nature.
Unit of time equal to 1000 years.
Miller Cycle
A combustion process for the four stroke internal combustion engine where the intake valve is left open longer than it would be in an Otto cycle engine.
Miller Indices
A set of three integers that designate crystallographic planes, as determined from reciprocals of fractional axial intercepts.
Miller-Bravis Indices
A set of four integers that designate crystallographic planes in hexagonal crystals.
Prefix representing a multiplication of 10-3
One thousandth of an amp.
milliampere hour
One thousandth of an Ampere-hour, Ah.
A unit of pressure equal to 1000 dynes per square centimeter, or 1/1000 of a bar.
A unit of acceleration equal to 1/1000 of a gal, or 1/1000 centimeter per second per second.
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
A famous experiment designed to measure the electronic charge.
milli is the prefix representing a multiplication of 10-3 and metre is the SI unit of length.
Milling Cutter
A cutting tool, generally cylindrical in shape and used on a milling machine.
Millington-Sette Formula
A formula for calculating the reverberation time of a room based on the absorption coefficient of the walls, surface area and volume.
A number equal to 106.
Million Cubic Feet Equivalent
A unit used in the natural gas industry for one million cubic feet of gas equivalent (cfe).
One thousandth of an Osmole.
This is one thousandth of a radian.
One thousandth of a second, abbreviated ms or msec.
Unit of pressure equal to 10-3 torr.
A unit of electrical potential equal to one thousandth of a volt.
Unit of power equal to 0.001 watt.
Abbreviation of minute.
A slender, lofty tower with balconies.
A naturally occurring inorganic substance having specified chemical composition and crystalline structure.
Mineral Oil
A liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and other petroleum based products from crude oil.
Mineral Wool
Also known as rock wool.
Miniature Electronics
Modules, packages, pcbs, and so forth, composed exclusively of discrete components.
The minima are points where the value of a function is less than other surrounding points.
In a sample of data, the smallest observation.
Minimum Bend Radius
Minimum radius to which a sheet or wire can be bent to a specified angle without failure.
Minimum Discernible Signal
The weakest input signal that produces a usable signal at the output of a receiver.
Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
A circuit breaker using a relatively small quantity of mineral oil for its arc-interruption method.
Minimum Outside Air
The lowest amount of fresh air flow that can be allowed into a recirculating system. This limit is set to ensure that the interior air remains safe and comfortable to breathe.
Minimum Thermometer
A thermometer designed to automatically register the lowest temperature attained during any time interval before it is set.
Minor Axis
The minor axis of an ellipse is its smallest chord.
Minority Carriers
The conduction band holes in n-type material and valence band electrons in p-type material.
A number from which another number is to be subtracted.
The symbol: -
The minute is defined as 60 seconds and as 1/60 of a degree.
The geological period covering about 23.5 million years ago to 5.2 million years ago.
An optical effect that produces an image that looks like it has been reflected from the surface of a body of water.
An alloy of cerium, rare-earth metals and iron.

Two liquids are considered "miscible" or mixable if shaking them together results in a single liquid phase, with no meniscus visible between layers of liquid.
Mismatch Loss
The loss of power delivered into a load as a result of the interconnection of devices having unequal impedances.
Missing Fundamental
The phenomenon by which an observer, presented with a harmonic tone in which the fundamental is absent, hears the same pitch as would be heard if the fundamental had been present.
An error, usually large, resulting from a human failing or an equipment malfunction.
Mitchell, Reginald Joseph
Chief designer at the aircraft company Supermarine and famous for designing the Spitfire.
Process of cellular division which maintains the number of chromosomes.
Mitral Valve
The valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart.
Mitre Joint
Pieces are cut on an angle to make a joint.
Mitre Saw
A hand operated saw that is held in an adjustable frame used to accurately cut straight, cross or compound mitres.
Mixed Dislocation
A dislocation that has both edge and screw components.
Mixed Glyceride
A diglyceride or triglyceride that contains more than one type of fatty acid connected to glycerol via an ester linkage.
Mixed Lubrication
A combination of hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication.
Mixed Numbers
Numbers that have both whole numbers and fractions, such as 3 3/4.
Two or more substances which are not chemically bonded together.