Lutetium is the hardest, densest and one of the rarest of the lanthanide group of elements.
Chemical formula for Lutetium III Oxide.
Any material interposed between two surfaces that reduces the friction or wear, or both, between them.
Lubricating Grease
A semi-fluid to solid product of a dispersion of a thickener in a liquid lubricant.
Lubricating Oil
A liquid lubricant, usually comprising several ingredients, including a major portion of base oil and minor portions of various additives.
Lubricating Pump
A pump which handles lubricating oil in an engine.
Substance employed to reduce wear of one or both surfaces in close proximity and moving relative to each another.
A device which adds controlled or metered amounts of lubricant into a pneumatic system.
Lucas Number
A member of the sequence 2, 1, 3, 4, 7,... where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers.
Tradename for Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin.
Chemical formula for Lutetium III Chloride.
Luder Bands
Elongated surface markings or depressions in sheet metal caused by discontinuous yielding.
A characteristic of an internal combustion engine that is operating at a point combined point of relatively low-speed and high-power output.
The derived SI unit of luminous flux.
lumen hour
A unit of quantity of light, equal to one lumen of light flux continued for one hour.
Lump Hammer
Also known as a Club Hammer.
Lunar Caustic
The old fashioned name for silver nitrate
Lunar Crystals
Old name for Silver Nitrate.
Lunar Day
Another name for the tidal day, a unit of time equal to 24 hours 50 minutes used in tidal predictions.
Lunar Eclipse
When the Moon enters the Earth′s shadow as the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon.
Lunar Gravity
The force imparted by the moon to a mass which is at rest relative to the moon. It is approximately 1/6 of the earth′s gravity.
Lunar Month
1 lunar month = 2.551444x106s
The portion of a sphere between two great semicircles having common endpoints, including the semicircles.
Chemical formula for Lutetium Tantalate.
The hardest, densest and one of the rarest of the lanthanide group of elements.
Lutetium Aluminium Garnet


A ceramic material that has been proposed for use as a high refractive index lens material.

Lutetium III Chloride


Forms hygroscopic white monoclinic crystals that heated with calcium forms pure lutetium metal.

Lutetium III Oxide


An important raw material for laser crystals and has specialized uses in ceramics, glass and phosphors.

Lutetium Tantalate


The densest known white stable material.

Lutetium Trichloride
Alternative name for Lutetium III Chloride.
An abbreviation of lumen m-2, the metric unit of illuminance.
A particle which travels solely at the speed of light in vacuum.