La   La2O3   LaB6   LaBr3   LaC2  
LaCl3   Lacquer   Lactic Acid   LAE   LAeqT  
Lag   Lagrangian Points   lambda   Lambda   Lamberts Laws  
Laminar Flow   Laminate Ply   Laminated   Laminated Core   Laminated Shim  
LAN   Lance-Wood   Land   Landau Damping   Landauer′s Principle  
Landfill Site   Landing Weight   Langasite   Langley   Langmuir Probe  
Langmuir-Tonks Frequency   Lanthana   Lanthanide   Lanthanide Contraction   Lanthanum  
Lanthanum Carbide   Lanthanum Carbonate   Lanthanum Gallium Silicate   Lanthanum Hexaboride   Lanthanum III Bromide  
Lanthanum III Chloride   Lanthanum III Oxide   Lanthanum Sesquioxide   Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite   Lanthanum Strontium Manganite  
Lanthanum Trichloride   Lap   Lap Joint   Lap Winding   Laplace Marquis Pierre Simon de  
Laplace Transform   Laplacian   Lapping   Lapping Compound   Lapse Rate  
Larch   Lard Oil   Large Scale Integration   Larmor Radius   Laser  
laser Cooling   Laser Diode   Laser Soldering   Laser Vibrometer   Latch  
Latent Energy   Latent Heat   Latent Heat of Evaporation   Latent Heat of Fusion   Latent Vector  
Lath   Lathe   Lathe Tool   Latin Square   Latitude  
Latten   Lattice   Lattice Constant   Lattice Parameter   Lattice Point  
Latus Rectum   Laue Pattern   Laughing Gas   Lava   Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent  
Law of Areas   Law of Averages   Law of Combining Volumes   Law of Conservation of Mass   Law of Definite Proportions  
Law of Large Numbers   Law of Magnetism   Law of Multiple Proportions   Law of Parsimony   Law of the First Wavefront  
Lawrencium   Lawson Criterion   Lay   Layup  


lb   lbf   lbf ft   lbf in-2   LC Capacitor Input Filter  
LC Choke Input Filter   LCA   LCD   Ldn   LDR  


Le Chatelier′s Principle   Leaching   Lead   Lead Acid Battery   Lead Hole  
Lead II Acetate   Lead II Carbonate   Lead II Chromate IV   Lead II Oxide   Lead II Sulphide  
Lead Inductance   Lead IV Oxide   Lead Screw   Lead Sheath   Lead Term  
Lead Tetraethyl   Lead   Lead   Lead   Leaded Glass Window  
Leading Edge   Leading Strand   Leaf Springs   League   Leak Rate  
Leakage   Leakage Current   Leakage Flux   Leakage Resistance   Lean Burn  
Lean Mixture   Leap Day   Leap Year   Leapfrog Test   Least Common Multiple  
Least Significant Bit (LSB)   Least Squares   Least Upper Bound   Least-Squares Solution of a Linear System   Leclanché Cell  
LED   LEDE   Leeuwenhoek, Antonie van   Left Atrium   Left Hand Rule  
Left Hand Thread   Left Hand Tractor Propeller   Left Ventricle   Lemata   Lemma  
Lempel-Ziv Welch Compression   Length   Length Contraction   Lennard-Jones Potential   Lenoir, Jean-Joseph-Etienne  
Lens   Lens Mount   Lens Thread M39   Lens Thread M42   Lens Thread T2  
Lenticular Cloud   Lenticular Galaxy   Lenzs Law   Leonardo of Pisa   Lepidocrocite  
LEPN   Leptokurtic   Lepton   Less Than   Less than or Equal to  
Letter Drills   Leucine   LEV   Level   Level Cross Counting  
Lever   Lever Arm Steering System   Lever Rule   Lever-Type Shock Absorber   Levorotatory  
Lewis Structure   Leyden Jar   LH2   LHV  


Li   Li2NH   Li2   Li2O2   Li3N  
LiBr   Libration   Lickey, Sir Robert   LiCl   LiF  
Life Cycle Analysis   Lifetime Cancer Risk   Lift   Lift Bridge   Lift Coefficient  
Lifting Body   Ligand   Light   Light Beam   Light Bulb  
Light Dependent Resistor   Light Duty Engine   Light Emitting Diode   Light Loss Factor   Light Metal  
Light Ray   Light Reflectance   Light Scattering   Light Year   Lighthouse Tube  
Lightning   Lignite   Lignum Vitae   LiH   LiI  
LiIon   Limescale   Limestone   Limit   Limit of Resolution  
Limit Switch   Limited Slip Differential   Limiting Reagent   Lin Log Amplifier   Linac  
Line   Line Graph   Line of Action   Line of Best Fit   Line of Reflection  
Line of Sight   Line Plot   Line Segment   Line Source   Line Spectra  
Line Symmetry   Line Vortex   Linear   Linear Absorption Coefficient   Linear Accelerator  
Linear Actuator   Linear Bus   Linear Combination of Vectors   Linear Density   Linear Distortion  
Linear Equations   Linear Foot   Linear Function   Linear Impedance   Linear Momentum  
Linear Motion   Linear Motor   Linear Phase Response   Linear Region   Linear Regression  
Linear Space   Linear System   Linear Thermal Expansion   Linear Variable Differential Transformer   Linke Turbidity Factor  
Links   Linseed Oil   Lintel   Linux   LiO2  
Lip of a Drill   Lip Seal   Lipid   Lipophilic   Lipowitz Alloy  
Liquefaction   Liquefied Hydrogen   Liquefied Natural Gas   Liquefied Petroleum Gas   Liquid  
Liquid Air Cycle Engine   Liquid Air Rocket   Liquid Crystal Display   Liquid Crystal Polymer   Liquid Desiccant  
Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers   Liquidus   LISP   Lissajou′s Figures   Litharge  
Lithium   Lithium I Bromide   Lithium I Chloride   Lithium I Fluoride   Lithium I Hydride  
Lithium I Iodide   Lithium I Nitride   Lithium I Oxide   Lithium I Peroxide   Lithium Imide  
Lithium Ion Battery   Lithium Iron Sulphide Battery   Lithium Metal Anode Battery   Lithium Polymer Battery   Lithium Sulphur Battery  
Lithium Superoxide   Lithosphere   Litmus   Litmus Paper   Litre  
Litre Atmosphere   litres per 100km   Little End   Little Endian   Live Centre  
Live End Dead End   Live Room   Lixivial Salts   Lixiviation   Lixivium  


lm   lm h   LN  


ln   LNG   LNP  


Load   Load Bearing   Load Carrying Capability   Load Isolator   Load Transfer  
Load-Deflection Diagram   Loading Effect   Lobe   Local Action   Local Area Network  
Local Stress Relieving   Local Time   Localization Accuracy   Lock   Lock and Key Model  
Lock Nut   Locked Rotor Current   Locked Rotor Torque   Locking Pliers   Lockup Torque Converter  
Locus   log   Logarithm   Logarithm of Complex Numbers   Logarithmic Receiver  
Logic   Logic Circuit   Logic Diagram   Logic Instruction   Logic Operation  
Logic Switch   Logic Symbol   Logistic Equation   LOHC   Lombard Effect  
London Force   Lone Pair   Long Hundredweight   Long Nose Pliers   Long Ton  
Long Wire Antenna   Longitude   Longitudinal Engine   Longitudinal Wave   Lookup Table  
Loop   Loop Scavenged Engine   Loose Coupling   Loose Joint Hinge   Loose Pin Hinge  
Lorentz Force   Lorentz Gas   Lorentz Transformation   Lorenz, Edward Norton   Lossy Medium  
Lost Foam Casting   Lost Motion   Lost Wax   Loudness   Loudness Level  
Loudspeaker   Lovelace, Ada   Low Emission Vehicle   Low Frequency   Low Frequency Noise  
Low Frequency Sound   Low Gear   Low Pass Filter   Low Spin Complex   Low Tension Leads  
Low Voltage   Lower control Arm   Lower Frequency Cutoff   Lower Heating Value   Lower Quartile  
Lower Sideband   Lowest Common Denominator   Lowest Terms   Low-Wing Monoplane   lox  
Loxodrome   LPG   LPK   L-Post  


Lr   LSB   LSI   L-tetromino  


Lu   Lu2O3   Lubricant   Lubricating Grease   Lubricating Oil  
Lubricating Pump   Lubrication   Lubricator   Lucas Number   Lucite  
LuCl3   Luder Bands   Lugging   Lumen   lumen hour  
Lump Hammer   Lunar Caustic   Lunar Crystals   Lunar Day   Lunar Eclipse  
Lunar Gravity   Lunar Month   Lune   LuTaO4   Lutetium  
Lutetium Aluminium Garnet   Lutetium III Chloride   Lutetium III Oxide   Lutetium Tantalate   Lutetium Trichloride  
lux   Luxon   LVDT  




ly   Lyases   Lye   Lyman Series   Lys  
Lysine   Lysosomal Enzymes   Lysosome