Knee Brace
A corner brace, fastened at an angle from wall stud to rafter, stiffening a wood or steel frame to prevent angular movement.
Knee of a Curve
The point on a curve where change begins to occur.
Knife Hinge
Pivot hinge that resembles two blades of a knife.
Knight′s Tour
A knight's tour of a chessboard is a sequence of moves by a knight such that each square of the board is visited exactly once.
Chemical formula for Potassium Nitrate.
Knoop Hardness Test
An indentation hardness test.
A speed of 1 nautical mile per hour.
Knot Strength
Tenacity of a fibre in which an overhand knot is tied.
A curve in space formed by interlacing a piece of string and then joining the ends together.
Knowledge Engineering
The process of collecting knowledge from human experts in a form suitable for designing and implementing an expert system.
Knudsen Flow
The flow of gases through ducts and tubes under conditions intermediate between laminar viscous flow and molecular flow.
Knudsen Gauge
Measures pressure in terms of the net rate of transfer of momentum by molecules between two surface maintained at different temperatures and separated by a distance smaller than the mean free path of the gas molecule.
Knudson′s Law
The difference in frequency between pure tones of equal strength and of which the difference in pitch is just perceptible is defined by Knudson′s law.
A decorative gripping surface of straight-line or diagonal design made by uniformly serrated rolls called knurls.
The process of finishing a part by scoring or pressing patterns on the surface of the work.