Chemical formula for Potassium Iodide.
Abbreviation of kibibyte, equal to two to the power of ten bytes.
Equal to two to the power of ten bytes.
An organ in the body which is used for excretion.
Killed Steel
Steel treated with a strong deoxidizing agent.
A furnace in which ceramics are fired.
Prefix representing a multiplication of 103
kilo calories
1000 calories.
kilo electron volts
Abbreviated as keV, one thousand electron volts.
kilo pounds per square inch
A unit of pressure used in the imperial system of units.
A unit of genetic information equal to the information carried by 1000 pairs of the base units in the double-helix of DNA.
A unit of radioactivity equal to 1000 atomic disintegrations per second.
In SI units this is 1000 bytes.
Equal to 1000 gauss or 0.1 tesla.
The SI unit of mass is the kilogram.
Kilogram Force
Equivalent to the force exerted by 1 kilogram due to the local acceleration due to gravity.
1000 cycles per second.
One thousand joules.
A length equal to 1000 metres.
Kilometres Per Hour
Unit of velocity used by most land based vehicles.
Another name for kilogram force.
Common unit of radiation dose equal to 1000 rads.
One thousand watts.
kiloWatt hour
Unit of energy equal to 3.6x106J.
Enzymes that catalyze the phosphorylation of certain molecules using ATP as a phosphate source.
Kinematic Viscosity
The dynamic viscosity of a fluid divided by the fluid density.
A branch of mechanics dealing with the motion of rigid bodies without reference to their masses or the forces acting on the bodies.
Kinetic Energy
The energy that a body possesses solely because it is moving.
Kinetic Heating
Heating as a result of air friction.
Kinetic Molecular Theory
This theory assumes that molecules must collide in order to react. The more collisions the more likely it is for a reaction to occur.
Kinetic Theory
The derivation of the bulk properties of fluids from the properties of their constituent molecules, their motions, and interactions.
The study of how fast reactions occur.
Kingpin Angle
The angle of inclination from the vertical to the kingpin axis in the front view.
Kingpin Axis
The axis about which a road wheel is steered.
Kingpin Lower Point
The point of contact when you extend the kingpin axis to the ground.
Kingpin Offset
The offset from the centreline of the shock to the kingpin axis.
Kingpin Upper Point
The anchor point of the top of the shock absorber.
Kink Test
Method for determining ductility of metal wire.
Abbreviation of kilo pounds force.
Kirchoff, Gustav
German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black-body radiation by heated objects.
Kirchoffs Law
The basic law for current flow and voltage sources.
Kirkwood Gaps
Gaps in the asteroid belt, caused by resonance effects from Jupiter.
A quadrilateral which has two pairs of adjacent sides equal.