Jubilee Clip
A worm-gear hose clip
Julia Set
The set of all the points for a function of the form Z^2+C.
Julian Calendar
Introduced in 46 BC by the Roman ruler Julius Ceasar, this calendar assumes a year of 365.25 days, and uses a cycle in which 3 "ordinary" years of 365 days are followed by a "leap year" with 366 days.
Julian Day
Instituted by J. Julius Scaliger in 1582. The Julian date is independent of various calendars and chronological events.
Jump Discontinuity
A discontinuity in a function where the left and right-hand limits exist but are not equal to each other.
A connection between two or more parts.
Junction Box
A box with a cover that serves the purpose of joining different runs of wire or cable and provides space for the connection and branching of the enclosed conductors.
Junction Diode
A two-terminal device containing a single crystal of semiconducting material that ranges from P-type at one terminal to N-type at the other.
Junction Transistor
A bipolar transistor constructed from interacting PN junctions.
Junior Hacksaw
A metal blade of hardened steel having small, close teeth on one edge, held under tension in a sprung U-shaped frame.
The largest planet in our solar system.
The geological period from 208 million to 146 million years ago.
Jury Evaluation
A name given to a field where the customer is given the opportunity to compare products and rank one versus the other.