Interface between two parts.
Joint Angle Limits
The limits, set in the input, on the driveline joint angles through the critical range, to control feasible driveline geometry.
Joint Probability
The probability of two or more events happening at the same time.
Joint Time Frequency Analysis
A method of analysis that simultaneously provides both time and frequency information.
Joint Variation
A variation in which the values of one variable depend upon those of 2 or more variables.
Horizontal wood framing member set from wall to wall to support the boards of a floor or ceiling.
Joist Hanger
A metal stirrup that supports the ends of joists so that they are flush with the girder.
Jominy Test
The Jominy test is used for determining end-quench hardenability.
Jordan Curve
A simple closed curve.
Jordan Matrix
A matrix whose diagonal elements are all equal (and nonzero) and whose elements above the principal diagonal are equal to 1, but all other elements are 0.
Josephson Effects
Electrical effects observed when two superconducting materials are separated by a thin layer of insulating material.
The SI unit of energy.
Joule Cycle
The thermodynamic cycle of the gas turbine engine.
Joule, James Prescott
English physicist; determined the mechanical equivalent of heat; proposed Joule′s Law which describes the rate at which heat is produced by an electric current.
Joules Laws
Describe the heat produced when a current flows through a resistance and the internal energy of an ideal gas.
Wheel travel upward from design load position.
Jounce Stop
A mechanical limit to vertical wheel travel.
Journal Bearing
A machine part in which a rotating shaft revolves or slides.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
The leading source of theoretical and experimental research results in the broad interdisciplinary subject of sound.