An alkaloid extracted from guarana, the same as Caffeine.
Guard Band
A band of frequencies, adjacent to the frequency of a desired signal, left vacant to provide a safety margin against mutual interference.
Guard Time
The time gap between the end of the time slot for one channel and the beginning of the time slot for the next channel. Guard time prevents overlap between adjacent time slots.
Gudgeon Pin
Also known as Piston Pin, a pin that rests in two bored holes in the piston and passes through the eye of the connecting rod, to join the two together flexibly.
An abbreviation of Graphical User Interface, it is the programming code defining the operation and graphics displayed on a computer monitor.
Guiner-Preston Zone
A small precipitation domain in a supersaturated metallic solid solution.
Resinous or mucilaginous extracts from plants, shrubs, or trees.
Gum Acacia
Like gum arabic, but thought to be distinguishable from it; the dried resinous exudation of certain varieties of the acacia tree.

Gum Arabic
The dried exudation of certain varieties of the acacia tree.

Gum Benzoin
The dried resin of the tree Styrax benzoin.

Gum Lac
Dark-red resinous incrustation produced in certain trees by the insect Carteria lacca. When refined by certain processes it becomes shellac.

Gum Tragacanth
Dried gummy exhudation of the tree Astragalus gummifer and related speices.

This is a copper-tin alloy, similar to bronze, used where resistance to corrosion and/or wear required. Composition: 88% copper, 8% tin, 4% zinc.

Any of several low-explosive mixtures.
A channel to collect water and snow melt at the eaves of a roof.
Guy Rope
Cables attached to a tripod or tower to increase stability.
Guyan Reduction (Static Condensation)
A Finite Element reduction technique which is used in the dynamic solution of very large problems having a large number of degrees of freedom where we often desire only a small percentage of the frequency and mode shapes.
Guyed Tower
A tower that is supported with a chain, wire, rope or rod.