Glacial Acetic Acid
Name given to water-free Acetic Acid.
A mass of ice, formed by the recrystallization of snow, that flows forward, or has flowed at some time in the past.
A mineral with a glassy appearance.
An organ in an organism which makes a particular substance.
Transparent or translucent substance that is physically neither a solid or liquid. It is made by fusing certain types of sand (silica).
Glass Ceramic
A fine-grained crystalline material that was formed as a glass and subsequently devitrified (crystallized).
Glass Cutter
A handtool with a hardened wheel or diamond at the end that is used to score the surface of glass so that it may be broken along the scored line.
Glass Transition Temperature
The temperature at which, upon cooling, a noncrystalline ceramic or polymer transforms from a supercooled liquid into a rigid glass.
An abrasive paper used to smooth the rough edges of freshly sawn wood.
Glide Angle
The angle between the horizontal and the glide path of an aircraft.
Glide Ratio
The ratio of the horizontal distance traveled to the vertical distance descended in a glide.
A highly efficient engineless aeroplane. Capable of flying for long periods in gently rising air currents.
Global Dimming
A perceived widespread reduction of solar radiation received at the surface of the Earth.
Global Positioning System
An array of satellites, deployed and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense, which can be monitored to triangulate an accurate position on the earth′s surface.
Global Surface Temperature
The area-weighted global average.
Global Warming
The prediction that climate will warm as a result of the addition to the atmosphere of humanly produced greenhouse gases.
Global Warming Potential
A measure of how much a given mass of greenhouse gas is estimated to contribute to global warming relative to the same mass of Carbon Dioxide.
Globe Lightning
Another name for Ball Lightning.
Globe Valve
A valve whose closure element is a flat disc or conical plug sealing on a seat which is usually parallel to the flow axis.
Globular Cluster
A spherically symmetric collection of stars which shared a common origin.
Glow Discharge
Discharge of electricity through a gas in an electron tube.
Glow Plug
An electrical device used to heat the air in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine for quick ignition and starting when the engine is cold.
A sugar. It is made by plants during photosynthesis.

Cement or adhesive that is used to fix two or more parts together.
An exchange particle responsible for the force between quarks.
Glutamate Receptors
Protein molecules that helps gate the flow of ions across a nerve cell′s membrane.
Thick sweet liquid used in the manufacture of explosives.


A naturally occurring aliphatic amino acid, found in large quantities in gelatin.

The storage polysaccharide of animals.