His book "Liber Abaci" he introduced Arabic notation for numerals and their algorithms for arithmetic.
Fibonacci Number
A member of the sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,... where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers.
Any material that has been drawn into a cylinder with a length-to-diameter ratio greater than about ten.
Fibre Coating
Material immediately covering the optical fibre to preserve the integrity of the fibre.
Fibre Grease
A grease with a distinctly fibrous structure, noticeable when the grease is pulled apart.
Fibre Optics
The transmission of radiant energy through transparent fibres of glass, plastic or fused silica.
Fibre Reinforcement
A fibrous material used to reinforce a material.
Fibre Stress
Stress through a point in a part in which stress distribution is not uniform.
Fibre Washer
Used in many different applications for electrical or thermal insulation, to distribute the load or to add some complaince to the bolted structure.
Ficks Laws
Fick′s first law: The diffusion flux is proportional to the concentration gradient.
Describes wood, usually maple or mahogany but can be any wood, with Curl or Tiger grain material with fine grain used in the manufacture of violins, hence the name.
As applied to sound quality, the faithfulness to the original.
Field Effect Transistor
A transistor that makes use of the field established in a p-type channel semiconductor material to control the flow of current through the channel.
Field Excitation
The creation of a steady magnetic field within the field windings by the application of a dc voltage either from the generator itself or from an external source.
Field of View
The maximum visible space seen through an optical instrument or lens.
Field Sound Transmission Class
The same as STC rating except as measured in the field in accordance with standard methods.
Field Transmission Loss
Sound transmission loss measured in accordance with Annex A1 of Test Method E 336.
A communications protocol.
Field-Programmable Gate Array
A programmable logic device which is larger and more versatile than traditional programmable devices such as PALs and PLAs.
Fields Metal
A low melting point alloy. 51% Indium, 32.5% Bismuth, and 16.5% Tin.
A non-toxic replacement for Wood's Metal.
A form of single-ended thimble water tube with an internal tube to encourage circulation.
FIFO Buffer
A first in, first out, store.
Figurate Numbers
Polygonal numbers.
A geometric form consisting of any combination of points, lines, or planes.
That electrode within a tube which is heated for electron emission or which transfers its heat to a separate cathode for electron emission.
A hand tool used to shape material by abrasion.
File Hardness
Hardness as determined by the use of a file.
Filiform Corrosion
Corrosion that occurs under organic coatings on metals as fine wavy hairlines.
An inert foreign substance added to a matrix to improve or modify its properties.
A curved surface connecting two surfaces that form an angle.
Film Brazing
A process in which bonding is produced by heating with a molten nonferrous filler metal poured over the joint until the brazing temperature is attained.
Any of various electric, electronic, acoustic, or optical devices used to reject signals, vibrations, or radiation of certain frequencies while passing others.
Filter Capacitor
A capacitor employed in power supplies for ripple reduction.
Filter Capacity
The amount of contaminants a filter will hold before an excessive pressure drop is caused.
Filter Choke
An inductor used in power supplies for ripple reduction.
Filter Efficiency
Method of expressing a filter's ability to trap and retain contaminants of a given size.
Filter Element
The porous device which performs the actual process of filtration.
Filter Glass
A coloured glass used in goggles, helmets, and shields to exclude harmful light rays.
Filter Head
An end closure for the filter case or bowl that contains one or more ports.
Filter Housing
A ported enclosure that directs the flow of fluid through the filter element.
Filter Life Test
A type of filter capacity test in which a clogging contaminant is added to the influent of a filter.
Attenuates components of a signal that are undesired: reduces noise errors in a signal.
The physical or mechanical process of separating insoluble particulate matter from a fluid.
Filtration Ratio
The ratio of the number of particles greater than a given size in the influent fluid to the number of particles greater than the same size in the effluent fluid.
A fixed vertical aerodynamic surface or part of a cooling system.
Fin Stock
Coiled Sheet or foil in specific alloys, tempers and thickness ranges suitable for manufacture fins for heat exchanger applications.
Fine Particles
EPA classification of particles having aerodynamic diameters greater than 0.1 micrometer and less than or equal to 2.5 micrometers.
Finger Joint
Long tapered fingers used to join material lenghtwise.
Finish Feed
Feeding in small increments for finishing the part.
Finish Machining
Machining a surface to give it the desired finish.
Any of many different processes employed for surface, edge and corner preparation, as well as conditioning, cleaning and coating. In machining, usually constitutes a final operation.
Finishing Hammer
A pounding device used for detail work in shaping a panel after it has been brought approximately into the right shape.
Finishing Tool
Tool, belt, wheel or other cutting implement that completes the final, precision machining cut on a workpiece. Often takes the form of a grinding, honing, lapping or polishing tool.
Finite Cardinals
Just regular non-negative integers.
Finite Element Method
A numerical method which is used to calculate displacements or stresses in structures or components subjected to external and internal loads.
Finite Group
A group containing a finite number of elements.
Finite Impulse Response Filter
A commonly used type of digital filter. Digitized samples of the audio signal serve as inputs, and each filtered output is computed from a weighted sum of a finite number of previous inputs.
Fink Truss
Structural framework for supporting loads over long spans.
A light coloured and soft wood. Needs to be dried very well before use.
FIR Filter
A commonly used type of digital filter. Digitized samples of the audio signal serve as inputs, and each filtered output is computed from a weighted sum of a finite number of previous inputs.
Fire Air
An old name given to pure oxygen.
Fire Damp
The gases found naturally in coal are a mixture of methane and other hydrocarbons. Given the name as they are highly combustible when mixed with air.
Fire Resistance
The resistance of an object or system to fire. Fire resistance may be applied as a coating or as a methodology in a particular construction design.
Fire Resistant
Incombustible or slow to be damaged by fire; forming a barrier to the passage of fire.
Fire Retardent
Denotes a reduction in the flammability and in the spread of fire. Applied or pressurized chemical treatment to retard combustion.
Fire Tube Boiler
A boiler where the primary heating surface is tubes with hot gas flowing inside and water outside.
Replaceable cast-iron bars that form the base of the furnace and support the fire.
An ancient tunneling technique in which rock is heated with fire and then doused with cold water, causing the rock to fracture.
Hardware and/or software used to divide a LAN into two or more parts for security reasons.
A very fast external bus standard that supports data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps.
A high-temperature heat treatment that increases the density and strength of a ceramic piece.
Firing Order
The order in which combustion is initiated in an internal combustion engine.
Firing Potential
The potential required to ionize the gas of a gas-filled tube.
The celestial sphere and the collection of stars whose position is fixed on it.
Firmer Chisel
A woodworking chisel with square sides to the blade.
First Class Lever
The fulcrum is situated between the load and the applied force.
First Ionization Energy
The energy needed to remove an electron from an isolated, neutral atom.
First Law of Thermodynamics
ΔU = ΔW + ΔQ
First Order Optics
Optical characteristics limited to infinitesimally small pencils of light.
First Order Reaction
The sum of concentration exponents in the rate law for a first order reaction is one. Many radioactive decays are first order reactions.
First Postulate of Special Relativity
The laws of physics are the same for all inertial reference systems.
Fischer, Emil Hermann
Organic chemist who analyzed structures of carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes and amino acids.
A method discovered in 1923 by the German coal researchers Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch, for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and other aliphatic compounds.
Fish Bone Diagram
Fish bone shaped map of inputs, sub-inputs and root causes.
An insulating paper, often fibre or oilcloth-like, used in the construction of transformers and coils.
The splitting of a heavy nucleus into two or more lighter nuclei.
The desired positive or negative clearance between the surfaces of two machined parts.
Fixed Connection
In two dimensions, a fixed connection between two members restrains all three degrees of freedom of the connected member with respect to one another.
Fixed Displacement Pump
A pump in which the displacement per cycle cannot be varied.
Fixed Machine
The machine whose position is not changed during shaft alignment.
Fixed Point
A format for processing or storing numbers as digital integers.
Fixed Resistor
A resistor having a definite resistance value that cannot be adjusted.
Fixed-Target Experiment
An experiment in which the beam of particles from an accelerator is directed at a stationary (fixed) target. The target may be a solid, a tank containing liquid or gas, or a gas jet.
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Fizeau Method
One of the first truly relativistic experiments, intended to measure the speed of light.