F   F   f  


Fabric   Fabricate   Facade   Face   Face Angle  
Face Centred Cubic   Face Milling   Face of Weld   Faceplate   Facilitated Diffusion  
Facing   Facing Sand   Factor   Factor Theorem   Factored  
Factorial   Faculae   Facultative Anaerobe   Fahrenheit   Fahrenheit Gabriel Daniel  
Fail Safe System   Failure   Failure Mode   Failure Mode and Effects Analysis   Faint Young Sun Paradox  
Faints   Fallopian Tube   Famous Scientists & Engineers   Famous Scientists & Engineers Books   Famous Scientists & Engineers Weblinks  
Fan Coil Unit   Fan Design   Fan Noise   Fans   Far Field  
Farad   Faraday   Faraday Cage   Faraday Constant   Faraday Effect  
Faraday, Michael   Faraday Rotation   Faraday Screen   Faraday′s Laws of Electrolysis   Faradays Laws of Electromagnetic Induction  
Faradic Current   Far-End Crosstalk   Farey Sequence   Farsightedness   Fast Fourier Transform  
Fat   Fata Morgana   Fathom   Fatigue   Fatigue Analysis  
Fatigue Chunks   Fatigue Corrosion   Fatigue Failure   Fatigue Life   Fatigue Limit  
Fatigue Notch Factor   Fatigue Ratio   Fatigue Resistance   Fatigue Strength   Fatigue Strength Reduction Factor  
Fatigue Test   Fatty Acid   Fault Tree Analysis   Faying Surface  


fc   FCEV   F Clamp  


Fe   Fe2O3   Feather Edge   FeCl2   FeCl3  
Feed Pipe   Feed Pump   Feedback   Feedback Control   Feeder  
Feedhorn   Feeler Gauges   Feet   Feet per Minute   Feet per Second Squared  
Feigendaum Constants   FEM   Female Part   Female Thread   Femto  
Femtometre   femtosecond   Femur   Fence   Fender Washer  
FeO   Fermat Number   Fermat′s Last Theorem   Fermat′s Principle   Fermat′s Spiral  
Fermentation   Fermi   Fermi Constant   Fermi Energy   Fermi Enrico  
Fermi Level   Fermions   Fermium   Ferranti, Sebastian de   Ferric Oxide  
Ferrimagnetism   Ferrite   Ferrite Bead   Ferrite Rod Aerial   Ferroelectric  
Ferroelectricity   Ferroin   Ferromagnetic Material   Ferromagnetism   Ferrous Chloride  
Ferrous Metal   Ferrous Oxide   Ferrous Sulphide   Ferrum   Fertilisation  
Fertiliser   FeS   FeS2   FeSO4   Festoon Bulb  
Fetch-and-Deposit   FFT   FFT Analyser  


Fibonacci   Fibonacci Number   Fibre   Fibre Coating   Fibre Grease  
Fibre Optics   Fibre Reinforcement   Fibre Stress   Fibre Washer   Ficks Laws  
Fiddleback   Fidelity   Field Effect Transistor   Field Excitation   Field of View  
Field Sound Transmission Class   Field Transmission Loss   FIELDbus   Field-Programmable Gate Array   Fields Metal  
Field-Tube   FIFO Buffer   Figurate Numbers   Figure   Filament  
File   File Hardness   Filiform Corrosion   Filler   Fillet  
Film Brazing   Filter   Filter Capacitor   Filter Capacity   Filter Choke  
Filter Efficiency   Filter Element   Filter Glass   Filter Head   Filter Housing  
Filter Life Test   Filtering   Filtration   Filtration Ratio   Fin  
Fin Stock   Fine Particles   Finger Joint   Finish Feed   Finish Machining  
Finishing   Finishing Hammer   Finishing Tool   Finite Cardinals   Finite Element Method  
Finite Group   Finite Impulse Response Filter   Fink Truss   Fir   FIR Filter  
Fire Air   Fire Damp   Fire Resistance   Fire Resistant   Fire Retardent  
Fire Tube Boiler   Firebar   Fire-Setting   Firewall   Firewire  
Firing   Firing Order   Firing Potential   Firmament   Firmer Chisel  
First Class Lever   First Ionization Energy   First Law of Thermodynamics   First Order Optics   First Order Reaction  
First Postulate of Special Relativity   Fischer, Emil Hermann   Fischer-Tropsch   Fish Bone Diagram   Fishpaper  
Fission   Fit   Fixed Connection   Fixed Displacement Pump   Fixed Machine  
Fixed Point   Fixed Resistor   Fixed-Target Experiment   Fixings and Fasteners   Fixings and Fasteners Books  
Fixings and Fasteners Calculations   Fixings and Fasteners Conversions   Fixings and Fasteners Weblinks   Fizeau Method  


fl oz   Flag   Flagella   Flagellum   Flame Annealing  
Flame Engine   Flame Hardening   Flame Softening   Flame Spread Index   Flame Test  
Flammability Limits   Flammable   Flange   Flange Nut   Flanging  
Flanking Line   Flanking Sound Transmission   Flaps   Flare Nut Spanner   Flash Drive  
Flash Memory   Flash Point   Flashing   Flat Belt Drive   Flat Chisel  
Flat Four Engine   Flat Howe Truss   Flat Nose Pliers   Flat Pratt Truss   Flat Sheet  
Flat Six Engine   Flat Twin Engine   Flat Wood Drill   Flathead Engine   Flatness  
Flattop Window   Flavour   Fleming, Alexander   Fleming, Sir John Ambrose   Fleming, Sir Sandford  
Fleming Valve   Flemings Left Hand Rule   Flemings Right Hand Rule   Flemish Bond   Fletcher-Munson Curves  
Flex Resistance   Flexible Coaxial Cable   Flexible Fuel Vehicle   Flexural Modulus of Elasticity   Flexural Strength  
Flexure Mode   Flexure Test   Flicker   Flicker Noise   Flight Controls  
Flint Glass   Flip Chip   Flip Flop   Flitch   Float Valve  
Float Voltage   Floating Point Number   Floating Point Operations per Second   Floatplane   Flock  
Flooded Cell   Floor   Floor Clamp   Floor Function   Floor Value  
Floorboard Saw   FLOPS   Florentine Bronze   Flow Battery   Flow Control Valve  
Flow Lines   Flow Noise   Flow Rate   Flow Stress   Flowers of Antimony  
Fluctuation Strength   Flue   Fluid Dynamics   Fluid Dynamics Books   Fluid Dynamics Calculations  
Fluid Dynamics Conversions   Fluid Dynamics Weblinks   Fluid Film Bearing   Fluid Friction   Fluid Opacity  
Fluid Ounce   Fluid Power   Fluid Pump   Fluid Velocity   Fluids  
Fluorescence   Fluorescent Tube   Fluorine   Fluorotrichloromethane   Flute  
Flutter   Flutter Echo   Flux   Flux Density   Flux Dip Brazing  
Fly Ash   Fly Cutter   Flying Boat   Flying Buttress   Flywheel  
Flywheel Battery   Flywheel Effect  


Fm   FM   fm   fm   FMEA  


Foam   Foam Inhibitor   Focal Chord   Focal Length   Focal Plane  
Focal Point   Focal Radius   Focus   Focusing Anode   Foetus  
Folded Dipole   Food Additive   Food Chain   Food Grade Lubricants   Food Web  
Fools Gold   Foot   Foot Brake   Foot Candle   Foot of Altitude  
Foot of Line   Foot Pound   Foot Poundal   Foot Switch   Footers  
Footing   Footprint   For Next Loop   Forbes, Prof George   Force  
Force Feed Lubrication   Force Fit   Force Window   Forced Heat Convection   Forced Response Analysis  
Forced Vibration   Forcing Frequency   Foreshore   Forge   Forge Welding  
Forging   Formability   Formaldehyde   Formation Reaction   Formed Cutters  
Formic Acid   Formic Anammonide   Formonitrile   Formula   Formula Unit  
Formula Weight   Formyl Trichloride   Formylic Acid   Forrester, Jay W   Forstner Bit  
Fortran   Forward Bias   Forward Resistance   Fossil Carbon Dioxide Emissions   Fossil Fuel  
Fossil Fuel Emissions   Foster Seeley Discriminator   Foucault Currents   Foundation   Foundation Ring  
Foundation Stiffness   Four Colour Theorem   Four Element Array   Four High Mill   Four Wheel Drive  
Four Wheel Steering   Fourier Analysis   Fourier, Baron Jean Baptiste Joseph   Fourier Series   Fourier Transform  
Fourier′s Law   Four-Stroke Engine   Fourth State of Matter   Fovea   FPGA  




Fr   Fractals   Fraction   Fractional Distillation   Fractional Part  
Fracture Stress   Fracture Testing   Fracture Toughness   Fractus   Frame Clamp  
Framing   Francium   Fraunhofer Diffraction   Free Atmosphere   Free Bend Test  
Free Charges   Free Cut   Free Electron   Free Energy   Free Energy Change  
Free Ferrite   Free Field   Free Fit   Free Gyroscope   Free Machining Steels  
Free Piston Engine   Free Progressive Wave   Free Radical   Free Sound Field   Free Space Loss  
Free Vibration   Free-Layer Damper   Freeze   Freezing Point   Freezing Point Depression  
Frenkel Defect   Freon-10   Freon-11   Freon-14   Frequency  
Frequency Compensation Network   Frequency Counter   Frequency Cutoff   Frequency Deviation   Frequency Distance Separation  
Frequency Distribution   Frequency Diversity   Frequency Hopping   Frequency Leakage   Frequency Meter  
Frequency Modulation   Frequency Multipliers   Frequency Range   Frequency Response   Frequency Response Function  
Frequency Response Matrix   Frequency Shift   Frequency Shift Keying   Frequency Spectrum   Frequency Stability  
Frequency Synthesis   Frequency Synthesizer   Frequency Tolerance   Frequency View   Fresh Air Intake  
Fresh Air Make Up   Fresnel Reflection   Fretsaw   Fretting   Fretting Corrosion  
Fricative   Friction   Friction Clutch   Friction Gear   Friction Gouges  
Friction Horse Power   Friction Shock Absorber   Friction Torque   Frieze   Frisch, Otto  
Front to Back Ratio   Front Wheel Drive   Frontal Area   Froude Number   Frustum  


fs   f-stop  


ft   ft lb   ft min-1   ft2   ft3  
ft3s-1   F Temper   ft s-2  


Fuel   Fuel Additives   Fuel Cell   Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle   Fuel Cell Poisoning  
Fuel Cell Stack   Fuel Consumption   Fuel Cycle   Fuel Dilution   Fuel Economy Drive Cycle  
Fuel Injection   Fuel Injection Pump   Fuel Injector   Fuel Map   Fuel Pressure Regulator  
Fuel Processor   Fuel Pump   Fuel Supply Pump   Fuel Surge   Fuel Tank  
Fugacity   Fujita-Pearson Scale   Fulcrum   Full Annealing   Full Duplex  
Full Flow Filter   Full Hard Temper   Full Scale Deflection   Full Wave Voltage Doubler   Full Wheel Travel  
Fullerene   Fullering   Fully Ionized Plasma   Fulmination   Function  
Functional Group   Fundamental   Fundamental Interaction   Fundamental Particle   Fung Yuan-Cheng  
Fungicide   Fungus   Funicular   fur   Furanose Ring  
Furlong   Furnace Brazing   Fuse   Fused Quartz   Fused Silica  
Fuselage   Fusible Link   Fusible Plug   Fusion   Fusion Zone  
Fuzzy Logic   FWD