A europium is a ductile silvery metal which reacts rapidly with air and water.
Greek mathematician.
Euclidean Algorithm
A set of rules which when applied to two integers produces their common divisor.
Eukaryotic Cell
A cell found in complex organisms that contains membrane-bound compartments in which specific metabolic activities take place.
Euler Codes
Computer software that is a mathematical representation of the motion of a fluid whose behavior and properties are described at fixed points in a coordinate system.
Euler Line
The Euler line of a triangle is the line connecting the centroid and the circumcentre.
Eulers Constant
γ = 0.5772156…..
Pleasing. As a descriptive audio term, usually refers to a coloration or inaccuracy that none-the-less may be sonically pleasing.
European Automobile Manufacturers Association
The Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles and more often referred to by the abbreviation ACEA.
A ductile silvery metal which reacts rapidly with air and water.
Eustachian Tube
The tube running from the middle ear into the pharynx that equalizes middle-ear and atmospheric pressure.
Eustatic Sea-Level Change
A change in global average sea level brought about by an alteration to the volume of the world ocean.
An isothermal reversible reaction or an alloy having a structure or composition indicated by the eutectic point.
Eutectic Alloy
An alloy that changes directly from a solid to a liquid with no plastic or semiliquid state.
Eutectic Mixture
A mixture of two or more substances with melting point lower than that for any other mixture of the same substances.
Eutectic Point
The melting point of a eutectic mixture.
The absorption of excessive nutrients in a body of water, which causes a dense growth of plant life.
Extreme Ultraviolet, a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum from approximately 100 to 1000 angstroms.