Einsteinium artificial radioactive element found in the debris of an H bomb.
Escape Velocity
This is the initial velocity that an object would have to have if projected from the surface of a body (e.g. Earth) to reach infinity before coming to rest.
Values for C in the Julia Set or Mandelbrot set where at each iteration the resulting value grows larger and larger, approaching infinity.
Escribed Circle
An escribed circle of a triangle is a circle tangent to one side of the triangle and to the extensions of the other sides.
Essential Fatty Acids
The group of polyunsaturated fatty acids produced by plants, but not humans and are thus required in the human diet.
Essential Oil
Any oil that smells the same as the vegetable from which it was obtained and has a low boiling point.
Compound formed by the reaction between an alcohol and an acid, with the elimination of water.
An indication of the value of an unknown quantity based on observed data.
The process by which sample data are used to indicate the value of an unknown quantity in a population.
Any quantity calculated from the sample data which is used to give information about an unknown quantity in the population.
Abbreviation of Electrostatic Unit.