Equal Loudness Contour
A contour representing a constant loudness for all audible frequencies.
The relationship between two quantities that have the same value or values.
The process of adjusting the frequency response of a device or system to achieve a flat or other desired response.
A device for adjusting the frequency response of a device or system.
Equally Likely
In probability, when there are the same chances for more than one event to happen, the events are equally likely to occur.
A statement that two expressions are equal to each other.
Equations of Motion
There are four basic equations that describe the motion of a body moving with constant acceleration.
Equations of Rotational Motion
The rotational forms of the equations describing a body undergoing constant angular acceleration.
Equatorial Axis
Among the two mutually perpendicular axes of a telescope, the one that points at the celestial pole.
Equatorial Orbit
An orbit that occurs when the plane of a satellite coincides with the plane of the earth at the equator.
Equiangular Polygon
A polygon all of whose interior angles are equal.
Powder or grain shapes with approximately equal dimensions.
Equichordal Point
A point inside a closed convex curve in the plane is called an equichordal point if all chords through that point have the same length.
The same distance from something.
Equal in length.
Equilateral Polygon
A polygon all of whose sides are equal.
Equilateral Triangle
A triangle with three equal sides.
In mechanics a body may be in one of three states of equilibrium: stable, unstable and neutral. In chemistry when the reactants and products are in a constant ratio. The forward reaction and the reverse reactions occur at the same rate when a system is in equilibrium.
Equilibrium Constant
Value that expresses how far the reaction proceeds before reaching equilibrium.
Equilibrium Expressions
The expression giving the ratio between the products and reactants.
The two times of the year when the sun crosses the equator and night and day are of equal length; usually occurs on March 21st (spring equinox) and September 23rd (autumn equinox).
Equivalence Point
Occurs when the moles of acid equal the moles of base in a solution.
Equivalence Principle
Constant acceleration is completely equivalent to a uniform gravitational field.
Equivalence Ratio
Actual air/fuel ratio divided by the air/fuel ratio at stoichiometry.
Equivalent Carbon Dioxide
The amount of carbon dioxide that would cause the same integrated radiative emission as the emitted amount of greenhouse gases.
Equivalent Continuous Sound Level
There are a number of different noise criteria measurements used by local authorities to determine noise levels in the community.
Equivalent Linear Systems
Two systems of linear equations in n unknowns are equivalent if they have the same set of solutions.
Equivalent Lithium Content
An estimation of the amount of lithium in a lithium-ion battery based on the Ah or Wh capacity.
Equivalent Rectangular Bandwidth
This is the effective bandwidth of an auditory filter.
Equivalent Resistance
A resistance that represents the total ohmic values of a circuit component or group of circuit components.
Equivalent Spherical Diameter
The diameter of a sphere of the same volume as the object being described.
Equivalent Spherical Radius
The radius of a sphere of the same volume as the object being described.