Effective Address
The final memory address used by an instruction.
Effective Aperture
A measure of the power extracted by an antenna from a passing electromagnetic wave.
Effective Earth Radius
The value used in place of the geometric radius of the earth to correct for atmospheric refraction when the index of refraction in the atmosphere changes linearly with height.
Effective Mass
The frequency response function of force/acceleration.
Effective Nuclear Charge
The nuclear charge experienced by an electron when other electrons are shielding the nucleus.
Effective Number of Bits
Figure of merit for an A/D converter describing how many bits of effective resolution, this is below the actual A/D word size.
Effective Particle Density
The mass of a particle divided by its volume including open pores and closed pores.
Effective Perceived Noise Level
There are a number of different noise criteria measurements used by local authorities to determine noise levels in the community.
Effective Radiated Power
The product of the transmitter power in watts and the relative gain of a directional antenna as compared with a standard half-wave dipole.
Effective Temperature
An arbitrary index which combines into a single value the effect of temperature, humidity, and air movement on the sensation of warmth or cold felt by the human body.
The rapid escape of gas from a liquid, usually due to chemical action.
A measure of how well a machine changes energy into useful energy.
Efflorescent substances lose water of crystallization to the air.
Movement of gas molecules through a small opening.
Abbreviation of Electric Field.