The human ear, as a sound receiver, has to operate under a wide range of conditions.
Ear Canal
The external auditory meatus; the canal between the pinna and the eardrum.
The tympanic membrane located at the end of the ear canal that is attached to the ossicles of the middle ear.
Wavy projections formed at the open end of a cup or shell in the course of deep drawing because of difference in directional properties.
Early Early Sound
Structure-borne sound may reach the microphone in a room before the airborne sound because sound travels faster through the denser materials.
Hearing protector worn over the pinna of an ear.
Hearing protector that is inserted into the ear canal.
The basic Earth data.
Earth Current
A large-scale surge of electric charge within the earth′s crust, associated with a disturbance of the ionosphere.
Earth Rate Unit
Unit of angular velocity equal to 15° per hour.
Earth Resonance
A theory stating that Earth possesses the properties of a massive LC circuit and can be resonated with a sufficiently powerful, properly tuned, grounded electrical oscillator.
Earth Shine
Another name for Earthlight.
Can mean a connection to the earth itself or the negative lead to the chassis or any point to zero voltage.
The illumination of the dark part of the moon′s disk produced by sunlight reflected onto the moon from the earth′s surface and atmosphere.
The result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth′s crust that creates seismic waves.
East-West Engine Layout
Another expression for a Transverse Engine layout.
This is the part of a roof which overhangs the exterior walls.