Dysprosium is a silvery metal of the lanthanide group. It is relatively stable in air, reacts violently with water and dissolves in acids.
Chemical formula for Dysprosium III Oxide.
A unit of quantity equal to 2, frequently used in cell biology and biotechnology.
Dye Penetrant
Penetrant with dye added to make it more readily visible under normal lighting conditions.
Dymel A
Alternative name for Dimethyl Ether.
Dynamic Creep
Creep that occurs under fluctuating load or temperature.
Dynamic Data Exchange
A protocol for allowing different software applications or programs to share information.
Dynamic Equilibrium
Equilibrium which includes inertial forces.
Dynamic Friction
Resistance to relative movement of two bodies that are already in motion.
Dynamic Headroom
The ability of an audio device to respond to musical peaks.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
A protocol used to retrieve startup information such as a subnet mask and IP address from a DHCP server.
Dynamic Load
A load imposed by dynamic action, as distinguished from a static load.
Dynamic Mass
Ratio of applied force to resulting acceleration during simple harmonic motion.
Dynamic Microphone
A device in which sound waves move a coil of fine wire that is mounted on the back of a diaphragm and located in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet.
Dynamic Modulus
Ratio of stress to strain under vibratory conditions.
Dynamic Pressure
The pressure of a fluid resulting from its motion when brought to rest on a surface.
Dynamic Random Access Memory
Computer memory in which each stored bit must be refreshed periodically.
Dynamic Range
The power range over which a component or system functions properly.
Dynamic Resistance
The first assumption with all circuit analysis is that the response of components is linear. Under certain dynamic conditions the resistance of a component or circuit may change and this is sometimes called Dynamic Resistance.
Dynamic Sealing
Vehicle door seals must function when the aerodynamic load on the door pulls the door away from the seals.
Dynamic Stiffness
Ratio of force to unit displacement during simple harmonic motion.
Dynamic Unbalance
The condition which exists when unbalanced masses on a shaft or its attachments create a couple on the shaft when it rotates.
Dynamic Vibration Absorber
A dynamic vibration absorber is an auxiliary mass-spring system which tends to neutralise vibration of a structure to which it is attached.
Dynamic viscosity
That molecular property of a fluid which enables it to support tangential stresses for a finite time and thus to resist deformation.
A blasting explosive, based on nitroglycerine, but much safer to handle than nitroglycerine alone.
A device for determining the power of an engine.
A force of 1 dyne acting on a mass of 1g imparts an acceleration of 1cms-2.
A silvery metal of the lanthanide group. It is relatively stable in air, reacts violently with water and dissolves in acids.
Dysprosium III Oxide


A white, slightly hygroscopic powder.